Leo Truman Analala Na Viatu

@TrumanCapote here is the evidence for the witchcraft you keep preaching about.


That snake is moving really fast.

For those who accuse Cambodians for witchcraft ,hii sijawai ona kwetu walai only in westernward provinces

Guess who the talker is :D:D:D



Oya @chap from mathaithi girls kuom kiasi:D:D:D

@MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! yani approximately 1 hour to midnight una tafuta ndume mwenzako and taking screenshots, since when did you join the butty club? where the two fools above replying to your comment are life time members!

@chap, the wachira guy sounds like you…:D:D
School of hard knocks, the university of life.…hii FB a/c kama ni yako inakaa tu ulifungua ukiwa first year or ukiwa high school. Over to you sir…

Wachira tulia :D:D:D its not that serious


Wewe acha racism black people dont look the same :D:D

Hii ungefungulia thread yake tuichambue proper :smiley: :smiley:

Kazi safi

If I encounter that thing uncaged naweza scream ka bitch bila aibu