Leo Singo mother of 12 ako Kempinski

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Singo mazas should be rounded up and burnt at the stake, seriously

No let them be the price of pu.ssy will go high they are good for short term flings and constitute a large majority of commercial sex workers

Heart throb ndio camera man. This is part 2. Too bad Kamotho can’t afford to take Tabitha for massage in Kempinski. Mama yetu na Mrs Rito wako ndani ya sauna. Honorary family members munaona akisema atakubariki hakuna atakae zuia.


Hehehe makena unakuaga upuzi saa ingine

We shinda hapo. Wako Kempinski wakipigwa massage.


she deserves it. Am sure tabitha na kiwaru yake akiona hii, she will demand kimotho sell yet another property and take her to an even posher hotel

Nakwambia. This is what it means in Psalms 23 I will prepare for you in the presence of your enemies.

Kamotho Mahalia yuko will lose the remaining kgs. Did you hear how he would buy fruits anakulana pekee yake hata hapei watoi. No touching microwave or the car. Huyo jamaa ni shetani. But let them see Virginia enjoying the best.

Huyo mzee siku ata amka kutoka kwa hiyo confusion ako nayo, ataenda wazimu thinking about what he has done to his family especially his wife and kids.

I follow her when I can. What a wonderful son in Davis…yesterday she had packed a towel, slippers, bedsheets na kadhalika. Niliwacha Lucy akisema she will unpack that bag:D

Sometimes take time to dig a story before you make this knee-jerk comments. Do you know why she is single?:mad:

He has no money. Tabitha made him sell all his properties…a 3 storey property at Witeithie, Juja, Nakuru and other places. Virginia did not know the hubby owned most of these properties. All his cars are gone too. Next to go is the house of horrors…

yes he is a wonderfull son. all her kids are great. But Lucy… i don’t know but something inside me find something off about lucy. I actually believe that that time police had come accusing her of theft was true. Truly hope am proven wrong because Virginia has been through a lot and does not deserve to have to deal with a wayward daughter

Bingo…you are not alone. Quite a few times I am left feeling this gal will bring her mum down one of these days. My problem is her forceful begging for funds a real turn off. So many things about her rub me the wrong way. She should stick to singing, quite talented.
I also lately feel she is in competition with her mum’s popularity more so because the women in Fupisha are mature and more wealthy…so she helps herself to them at the slightest opportunity.
Quite a few women unsubscribed when she played the last prank on her mum. She will undo Virginia if it is not controlled now!!!Another one to watch out for is Wamuyu!!
Wooi poor Virginia…Amadioha forbid. Tabitha and Kamotho will be in heaven.

yes, tabitha would exploit such an opportunity to paint the children as the culprits. I think Virginia now needs to start limiting social media exposure of her kids. Social media can turn you and turn on you within a second.

what prank did lucy pull? i didn’t see that

Yes she should start with removing the minors from the screen and bringing them on after a long while tuone progress but sadly they have also learnt how to ask for ‘stuff’ from watu wa online. Lately, I am really put off with the relentless chase for a V8 car na bado building of the house is yet to start…let me go dig up the title of the prank…

exactly. Those kids were nice and relatable at first. But slowly they are changing and if left uncontrolled, they will turn into spoilt, entitled, fame hungry brats. Social media starts with feeding your ego and if you over feed, changes you and that’s when social media starts feeding on your ego to a point of destroying you.

People are happy to help in basic things like housing, but when they start bringing in V8, they even turn me off donating for the building. they should slow down and stop gorging.

Titled Marriage Prank (Roracio) On Lucy’s Channel. Watch on YouTube so that you can see comments za wamama…

headed there. Just seen that comments are turned off, guess they were really negative. let me see the live chats