Leo Nilikuwa Mtaa Unaitwa Eburu, Naivasha SubCounty

It lies on the hills beside lake Naivasha, kwa hiyo njia ya kwenda Great Rift Valley Lodge, BTW Uhuru has decided to tarmac that road heading towards that ka golf resort.
Nice sceneries, you can see the three lakes, Naivasha, Elementaita and Nakuru at a distance.
That place has a geothermal station, Eburu power station but the interesting bit was one of the sources of water for the township.
[ATTACH=full]25748[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]25749[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]25750[/ATTACH] Those are condensation units unaona hapo, they collect steam from below and condense it for clean drinking water. I saw a water supply pipe so sijui why they need hiyo maji ya condensation


admin nibadilishie hiyo title

its so purrty

Steam to water or chang’aa?

steam to water, Chang’aa haipikwi on the open hivyo

I’ve always desired to see that area.

Buloti wanauzaje huko?

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on the side that you can view lake Nakuru and elementaita, huko ni kwa wamaasai, hakuna title so buroti can range from 10k to 100k
The side you can see lake Naivasha ni Kikuyu, huko siku jaribu kuuliza

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Ukipita hio golf resort,Kuna mtaa unaitwa Kasarani,Buloti huko ni 500k-600k.


are you trying to imply that he is tarmacing the road because he has interests in the resort? the road islong overdue…the north and south lake roads were to be done in two phases…the south was done a while back…

You are over-reading BTW. the lines, over interpreting and finally over compensating on supporting government


sorry boss:)

ooh kumbe ebru tv yenye hukua na rating ya 18 na ni cartoon ilitoka huku

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The place reeks of rotten eggs coz of sulphur fumes coming up from the earth with the steam. Not an area I would wish to live in.

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it appears jana hewa nilikuwa safi