Leo Ni Thursday. Things People Did In The 80s and 90s That Would Be Odd Today.

1. Seeing Off Your Distant Relative With Bus Loads Of Villagers With Twigs Pale JKIA
This was a common trend in the 90s. Eti your uncle anaenda UK ama US and so a whole village delegation would hire 2 or 3 buses then as if that is not enough banana trees would be tied on the side mirrors and other twigs as they made their procession all the way from as far flung areas such as Nakuru or Taveta to JKIA.

2. Odd Hair Styles
Sijui Punk, slope, pushback the list is endless, Box. Hiyo kunyolewa Punk in 1992 ilifanya nichapwe vita na mzae

3. Kuzika Watu Wa HIV Na Polythene Wrap
Woe unto you and your family if one of you succumbed to the dreaded AIDS in the 90s. Prejudice was great in those days. Even the sick guy had his own separate utensils.

Oversized NFL or MLB jerseys. I find some old folks from ocha doing it.

Hiyo punk made a comeback as fade.

Kuhang kwa mlango ya KBS nkienda ama kutoka chuo. I would give way to other passengers kujisunda ndani ya mbus just to ensure I got my spot pale kwa mlango ya kuhang.

Anyone remember shoes zilikuwa zinaitwa Lawman?

Ongeza jumu za Sahara na And1:D

Savco jeans na Freezer 1.5 jeans.

Kuoga miguu ukienda kulala and then tiptoeing to bed.

ongeza Sandak

na unatiptoe bila viatu



Kuna time walileta KBS zilikua na airbag suspension nilikua napenda kukaa huko nyuma ni bounce kwa kiti

These ones i would still buy today if available. Very durable

Hapa kuna wazee wengi kuliko kijiji ya wazee.

These jeans trousers were more popular than BBI

Kasia fade is very different from punk.Ni nini mbaya na wewe mzee

In my village we wore rubber shoes that were branded “DH”.Sunday kwa mung’etho the show was like uniform.Then gals would pull their Kamithi down ndio maraithi ionekane…

Advert za sigara. Ati Sportsman ndio yenyewe. [ATTACH=full]287024[/ATTACH]

Sportman ni Sawa,Hasa.

That made me pull a puff from ile ilikuwa inaitwa score just to feel it,nilikohoa hadi the guy who let me puff akahepa na huko mbio akawacha nikiendelea kukohoa.I have never smoked since that day which is like 32yrs ago