Lenovo Launches Advanced Water Cooled Gaming Laptop With Mad Specs

Lenovo has officially launched its new flagship gaming laptop the Y9000K 2023. The device comes with top-of-the-line specifications, including an Intel i9-13980HX processor and an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, along with an integrated liquid cooling system. As you know, traditional gaming laptops rely on bulky and inefficient heat sinks to dissipate heat, but the Y9000K 2023’s water-cooling system is much more effective

The system uses a small pump to circulate water through a network of pipes, which helps to keep the CPU and GPU cool even under heavy load. In addition to its water-cooling system, the Y9000K 2023 also features a number of other high-end specifications. The laptop has a 16-inch Mini LED display with a 3200×2000 resolution and a 165Hz refresh rate. It also has 32 GB of DDR5-6400 RAM, a 2 TB SSD, and a backlit keyboard with RGB lighting.

How much?

Most likely all of it