Lenana School and their Pride


Something was said here about these Alumni- Lenana School (Changez) and Nairobi School (Patch). From the comments in that post, it appears that their female counterparts are The Kenya High School (Boma). The history of these 3 schools may have something to do with how the young teens are programmed and the culture gets really ingrained at that adult formative stage.

They are public schools but their counterparts at the national level e.g Mangu, Alliance, Precious Blood Riruta, Loreto Limuru etc aren’t perceived as such. It may have to do with elitism and aristocracy in the colonial times since that is where their roots are.

As an alumnus of one of them, I have to agree with the perceptions as I am sometimes perceived to be proud and arrogant though I am not. It is just a perception!

All those are B rated schools. Sisi watu wa A rated tutaketi wapi.

OP atujibu fwasta fwasta tunechoka kusimama

BTW they are not even the best performing schools, and even the perception is not that they pretend to be brighter than others. I think it is the way they carry themselves. Like I said it is just a perception as I have been described to have those characteristics even to those who don’t know where I schooled. I think it is just a certain level of confidence and belief that is perceived as arrogance.

Tunajua ulisomea nyamatago boys secondary school. Acha clout chasing na hakuna mtu anakujua hapa

Izi zote ni upuzi from a wealth point of view.
When I joined a national school, kuna time we were invited to International School of Kenya (ISK) in Karen.
That’s the first time I came to a realization difference between rich and wealthy. Comparing ISK Na Alliance, is like to comparing a national school to a village school. Alliance, Lenana are aspirational schools for us poors.
What hurt the most is that I had also received a scholarship from Light Academy. My dad kuwa mtu wa upcountry that time, aliweka hiyo barua kwa trash can. When I came to later know Light Academy baadaye Nikiwa form2, I had major regrets and hated my experience in the national school.
Light Academy is heaven compared to these poor peoples aspirational schools.

Kuna ISK iko Karen kweli?
Yenye najua iko upande ya Kitisuru

My thoughts exactly.Mpaka nikaenda google maps kutafuta iyo ISK ya Karen

Ha ha … then you didn’t meet starehe dudes who went to the school when Griffin was still alive. They thought they were deputy Jesus on matters integrity, and on matters of intellect they took the persona of Aristotle.

In Campo they used to view the rest of us as crude and uncultured.

sisi watu ya ruthimitu mixed tuketi wapi

Watu ya Oxford Junior High School tuketi wapi.

Watu wa nyakemincha tupatane nyuma ya tent tafsali

Maseno, Lenana, Alliance, Mang’u, Kamusinga
Kenya High, Moi Girls Eldoret, Moi Girls Nairobi, State House Girls, Limuru and Pangani Girls…same cohort

In their days, they were the best public “private” schools. Their menus differed from those in other schools and had multiple school buses. While many schools had to choose one function to honour, some of these schools dispatched up to a fifth of the school population to several functions.

Some had most of their chores, including laundry, done for them. While many schools dined in one massive hall, they had smaller units for specific dorms.

Their arts and sports programs were diverse and looked upon by others. They also had a breadth and depth of electives-Computer, Music, French, German, Agriculture, Home Science, Metal and Woodwork…you get the drift.

They easily crossed the 100-150k school fees barrier, a preserve of private schools. They collectively contributed to large chunks of top 100 students nationally, with 80% of their candidates getting direct entry to uni. Their principals and top management lived large, driving top of the range vehicles.
Many prominent families fought for places for their sons and daughters in these schools.
Not forgetting the exchange programs between them, and with schools in Europe.
The clubs and societies in the schools were also “communities” on their own.
A few of these schools had kind of “airstrips”. Maybe some still do.

And have you thought about the top of the range vehicles, and sheer number of vehicles that dotted the parking lots and sports fields? Or the fact that these schools have more than two sports fields whereas most have one?

Or that some of their alumni are movers and shakers in and out of the country?
Rich history, prestige, pride and elitism

It’s projecting inferiority complex.You think you are better than the rest because it used to educate the coloniser’s kids.
“nilisomea shule ya wazungu”


Alafu pia the real wajanja monied parents used to take their kids to both.
Maximizes on the connections. Mtoto anamaliza National school then you take them to the final or prefinal year kwa IGSCE depending on their performance kwa KCSE.
Pale IGSCE they add connections and are mentally prepared for transitioning to the West for University education.
My wish is more National schools would have been created earlier since Moi days.
The cohesion would have reaped fruits in the future. Juu local Universities ain’t helping in this. Ghasia zinafika uni and retreat to their small ethnic groups… Interacting and dating in the same groups.
The only groups in local universities that interact freely across ethnic groups ni walevi.

Now picture working under one of these. That was my ordeal sometime back. Extreme solipsism and narcissism is an understatement. The guy was a nitpicker who never completed any project on time because he was always obsessing over useless details. His excuse? Sijui eti Griffin used to tell them , “If you’re given a cup of coffee to clean…”. He missed Griffin’s point by a mile. The egotism in him was blinding. There’s a fine line between conscientiousness and performance-limiting perfectionism. Glad I made it out of that hell.

Sasa watu wa Ofafa Jericho tunaketi wapi juu sioni kiti yangu…

Mimi kama jama wa Ogembo CDF Mixed Secondary School, hizo vitu unasema ni ndoto to.

:D:D:D kwanza hizo quote za griffin walikuwa wamezicram.

we used to be roommates with one of them, the fucker used to be more judgmental than a Pharisee