Glass of hot water + sliced lemons + tea leaves
Repeat twice a day
Thank me later

I take lemon tea on a daily basis. Matokeo ni yapi kaka?

Uta slim

I’m 5’9 and weigh 78.9kgs and my BMI is 24.4 kg/m2. Lemon tea has helped me stay at a healthy weight for years. Hakuna kitu naogopa kama kuongeza uzito.

BMI 25.5, slightly overweight but i feel very light & flexible while doing any activity.

Ndimu na limau kwa wingi sasa.

What empirical evidence is there to justify lemons reduce weight?..hii ni mambo ya mtaa…kinder some rumour mill… is there scientific data to support this

Warm to hot water with lemon burns stomach fat.
Jaribu for 3 months consistently ulete ushuhuda.

Eti burns stomach fat…do you really understand what metabolism means… so hio maji moto na lemon , how does it metabolize fats…give a scientific answer, si hizi streets answer

Water Consumption Increases Weight Loss During a Hypocaloric Diet Intervention in Middle-aged and Older adults - PMC

Benefits of Lemon Water: Vitamin C, Weight Loss, Skin, and More

It practically worked not once but severally .

No change in diet or alcohol but whenever I maintain it, I get the difference.

Try it.

Wengine wanasema eti makali humaliza potty belly…mmm

This indicates…water…hydrotherapy…wapi hio ndimu

:D:D:D hapo kwa maji.

Hehehe…lemons for your information has not been proven to reduce weight…lemon is good for body immunity. It boosts body immunity

Pia kuna wana kijiji hudanganya madem wapake lemon kwa nunu ndio ikue tight…how now…let the nunu be!!!..the tight nunu mentality is a fallacy in Kanairo…

:D:D:D I also heard that it acts as a natural spermicide.

[QUOTE="Yuletapeli, post: 3886946, member:

You must have heard it from the kijiji quacks…

Not here :D:D

you are either a homosexual or a woman . umbwaaaaa

Si wengine tuna BMI ya 30 but we compete in strength sports