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The Manipulated man is a book by Esther Vila from 1971. Angekuwa very senior elder hapa. Ata sijaisoma these are just snippets but kumbe madem wamekuwa tu bangi from kitambo. I’ve attached link to download belowScreenshot_20230415-130127.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130326.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130506.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130603.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130722.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130817.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130849.jpgScreenshot_20230415-130939.jpg

Manipulated man pdf download


She would be labeled as a “pick me” by the rabid feminists. But what she says is the cold hard truth…If a woman had money, she cannot take in a man with a Kid and look after the kid as well. Men on the other hand do this all the time.

True. Ata hio point haikunicross damn.

:smiley: Kuna ka ukweli. I think back then when the book was written evolutionary biology wasn’t as developed as it is today. The author needs to rewrite the book in light of the advances in evolutionary biology/psychology.

Ukimaliza kusoma hii kitabu you’ll even look at your mother and sister in a different light.

Nakuanga very afraid of kuingia hii rabbit hole. At least female friends I can even pinpoint examples of them doing it. But family ni hard kulook at with that lens.

Netflix and Showmax ads are targeted at women

nisaidiwe link ya free pdf kitabu ya ule rustler huwa kwa gazeti @Gaza