Working as a mobile phone technician…since, i have had no trouble with the law until recently… Officers came to my shop and carried my computer and asked me to accompany them to the police station… asking for a reason for my detainment,i was given none and locked up. Later, i learnt i hand been accused of …“Allegedly flashing a stolen mobile phone knowningly”… I don’t understand where it is applicable to know whether a device belong to a customer,since i just give out repair services especially on software side including flashing a device case it is needed/updating/downgrading a cusomers device software/adding or removing passwords… Advice on the matters concerning handling customers devices especially mobile phones. I don’t want the cops bothering me again on my day to day hustle for my family.If it is legal… i will continue doing my work honestly and without fear, otherswise i will quit.

Handling stolen goods is a crime. Further, concealing a crime is a crime - for example where you flush stolen phones (even if you don’t know they are stolen). Let’s say a phone you handled was used in the Westgate terror attack and you remove all data but it’s traced to you - do you expect the security agents to congratulate you with hugs? - no, your balls will be in a vice.
Like banks do, know your customer, have anybody bringing a phone show some ID, sign a disclaimer and record for file.

Venye umeambiwa . Signed agreements/disclaimers are the way to go…you can fake it as a quasi-reciept capturing important details .
Sale agreement zingine pia mimi lazima ziwe signed kwa chiefs office.

You must have been the guy who was crying on Twitter recently.
Inakaa hii biashara ya ku reprogram simu ni lucrative sana such that you are willing to challenge anti terror cops diktats.

Chunga sana kijana sababu ile siku a phone that will be connected to a heinous crime - hata kama ni kupitia mikononi wako - will be traced hapo kwako(and trust me that day will come) that will be the end of you. Don’t joke na mambo ya security.

Just tell your clients that you don’t flash them gadgets.The risk is not worth the reward

Fanya kazi boss, bora ukuwe an Chai, hao majama wamekumulika… the skill is yours, wana approve aje umeflash stolen phone? Wewe wapee 200/= an waendee. Kenya Police is Hungry

Hahaha my friend, industry ya mobile repair has turned out to be a cash cow for corrupt cops and waiganjos. Once they spot your shop and realize u do mobile software they become frequent visitors.
There is a legal way to run the mobile software business unapewa barua na CAK (communication authority of Kenya). Nishawai endea those requirements pale waiyaki way and u have to have an approved certificate in software engineering from either Samsung or apple that allows u to tamper with their devices coz apparently when a customer buys a phone it doesn’t entirely belong to them and it’s illigal to change or modify the software.
U as a phone technician u must demand proof of ownership from the client before working on their phone.
Pia unahitaji barua from local police . Otherwise u are facilitating wizi wa simu.
Ukitaka poa andika apo kwa job no flashing or password removal. Don’t ever do it especially to strangers unless ni mtu unajua ka mimi coz hao customers ndio watakuseti tu. If possible toa computers apo kwa reception. For passwords and frp and other software related stuff only deal with brokers na mafundi wenzako.

Ati 200 …hao sio traffic. Handling stolen goods is a major crime itakuweka ndani. Hawakulangi chini ya 50k . That’s your entire year profit.

Lmao. Stick to selling weed in the hood.

“Adding or removing passwords” huh only 1 in a100 phones would genuinely require that. Kiyana, are you yearning kuchunishwa sukuma pale Kamiti?

Patia OCS mkia hautawai sumbuliwa

Ukiflash simu, make sure ni yako.

Most cases are expensive devices like flagships or a court case. A certain lady would bring devices belonging to “defaulters”. She had “protection” and one day helped me get back a customer’s phone by pretending it was her’s.

Treasure your freedom.

There was a case back in 2019 pale CBD of a certain fundi who unlocked a certain phone ya mkubwa wa security something of that sort. The mkubwa had been riced by 2fine ass campus mamas. Mkubwa believed his phone was the most secure and no one could unlock it, olewake it landed on some crazy software dude and it was flashed within minutes. Tracked the mamas and the phone was retrieved but mkubwa alitaka tu kujua nani aliflash simu yake and how they did it. Mjamaa alikaliwa na hio kesi, he had to leave the country.
Long story short u don’t know who u are dealing with, esp kama uko located Ina busy area like CBD, a simple midrange phone could link u to alshabab or some hijacking incident. A case dealing with national security is not a case u can settle with 10k or even 50k niukae ndani

You don’t @WannaKnow the inside of kamiti.
Receipt as proof of ownership.
Akiwa serious, identify chief wa hapo area, mtu akitaka hiyo service, anarecord details kwa chief.

Rarely do genuine owners require flashing