Legal requirements to launch crypto Exchange

What are the legal requirements to run a crypto Exchange in kenya,a similar site as Binance… or since crypto isn’t legalized si must?

kenya inakuwanga late kwa vitu kama hizo


You should be more worried about the brains needed instead of regulation.

I got everything it takes… Regulation ndio issue actually…

Okay. Usually, here in KE, you move first and ask questions later. Just start regulators will find you later. Don’t be afraid.

Launch first, regulators watakupata njiani

How are you planning to compete with Binance sir, especially on the liquidity side?

Same requirements as starting a Sacco or a bank.


My goal isn’t to compete with the giant exchanges…mine is different,

Hiii nayo mnataka kuosha watu:D:D:D

Kazi safi bro…

Vile umeambiwa hapo juu requirements zinakupata huko mbele when you’re already in the game what’s the worst will they will do apart from telllling you to comply?