Between Kukamua a 17 year Old in Campus na hana ID vs Kukamua High Schooler ako na ID which is which


  1. Dilemma is spelt with a single “L”
  2. Unless someone is dumb and stupid, hapo hakuna dilemma. ID sio proof ya age of majority. Kuna watu wengi wako over 18 na hawana ID.

Being an adult is defined by age 18 or above .So the high school gal with an ID is legally an adult you can munch

So proof ya age of majority ni gani ? court itasema hawatambui ID msichana afanywe carbon dating ?

you might be surprised, but courts order medical examinations to determine a person’s age all the time.

Kama ako 18 na ako na ID you are good to go. The problem arises when she is 18 but doesnt have an ID boss utalala ndani.

It all goes down to her family and their financial status…if the girl’s mother is a feminist or the family is rich, hiyo ID itafichwa and be arrested like Osama bin Laden…by the time dust settles or you are cleared of the crime (if successful), your reputation itakuwa damaged saaaana…hiyo mtaa utakuwa unaangaliwa Kama wewe ni suicide bomber…Job utafutwa …
At the end , the problem is the society, not some legal shiit

mnaeza kuwa na PESA kwenu na 18 years ikupate high school??

Kama hana ID chorea kabisa…another red flag is if she has a phone whose sim card is not registered in her name.

Ondokea kabisa!

Yes…some girls finish even at 19-20 years…

Or even older than that kama ni student singo matha

Them doctors check the depth ,circumference and texture of ikusde to determine if she is 18 and above? Hapo tunaeza ponea coz I know tighter 30plus than recent form four graduates.
My grandfather told me. Girls are like mangoes, as majority are waiting they ripe ,others are eating with salt.

As long as pusssy ni tighy na iko over 18 in sawa

Your grandfather did not tell you shit, hii umeffi umeokota kwa mtandao. Relax,your grandfather angekuwa wise angegrab shamba where it matters.

Unaokota mtu na spear kama Edge wa WWE :smiley:


I agree with u. Mtu huchukua namba after KCSE wanakuaga na nyege sana utapewa hadi rasa ukitaka

Nothing is sweeter than highschool chics especially JUST AFTER COMPLETING THEIR EXAMS. Unapewa shimo hadi unabambika aisee

Tolesha photocopy na ukue pia na softcopy:D problem solved

True…but kama ni under 18 epuka kabisa