Legacy Of Education In Kenya: Fake Vice Chancellors, Fake Degrees....

Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC) has summoned Chuka University Vice-Chancellor Prof Erastus Njoka over questionable academic papers he acquired in Russia. EACC summoned Prof Njoka to appear before the commission on Wednesday, August 24 over the academic papers he acquired from the Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University in Russia. The anti-graft body wants the VC to authenticate how he acquired his papers and also validate the legibility of the institution.


According to Prof Njoka’s academic qualifications, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Agriculture (special Zootechny, animal products production technology) in 1993 at the said Russian institution. Prof Njoka also argued in a letter to the agency that he obtained his Masters of Science in Animal Husbandry degree in 1990 at the same institution. He further claimed that he did a postgraduate diploma in research in the same university. However, EACC wants Prof Njoka to shed more light on how he managed to acquire all his degrees from the same institution. The summon comes even as the Commission for University Education (CUE) gave the VC greenlight to teach the Russian languages at various institutions across the country.

Prof Erastus Njoka

CUE Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mwenda Ntarangwi defended Chuka VC arguing that the Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University is recognized by the Russian Federation and therefore qualifications awarded there are also accepted in Kenya.
“The commission hereby confirms that the said qualifications are authentic and therefore, duly recognized in Kenya,” read the letter signed by Gilbert Opanga, on behalf of CUE Chief Executive. But, EACC has continued to raise questions over the credibility of Prof Njoka’s academics papers. The commission in a bid to verify them, they have been writing to various institutions seeking disclosure of information about the same. The anti-commission sent a letter to Egerton University asking their Vice-chancellor to share information and documents on Prof Njoka.

According to a letter from the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC), Prof Njoka could not qualify for the program since he failed in his Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) – popularly known as A-levels. Njoka scored Es in Biology and Geography, an O(fail) in Chemistry and managed grade 8 in the general paper according to KNEC.

During the 7-hour grilling in the EACC offices in Isiolo, it emerged that most of his documents were not certified and he was unable to produce the original invitation letter to Russia. Instead, he produced a copy of the letter which EACC suspect was forged, after a complainant produced the original letter that was not in Njoka’s name.

“The detectives are looking at the possibility of the copy he presented being a fake as they hold a complainant who had approached them has the original and what Njoka has is what he stole from him, and went to study with,” says a source.

Even as EACC looks into the matter, it has also emerged that Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University is yet to give a position on the matter.
The professor has now been directed to provide the original he used to go to Russia and the letter of scholarship he got from the Ministry of Education.

Kwani he is going for some elective position in 2022 ?

That’s all you took home??

Now they want him to self incriminate? That’s illegal because he is innocent until proven guilty.

Hapa ni kutuma lawyers na barua kuwambia go and hug a wet transformer.

EACC wapande ndege waende Russia. That’s their job to do a thorough investigation.

Ati Patrice what? In Russia?

Wawache mrume akule.

The whole thing is politically motivated. it is common knowledge that Prof Njoka has been interested in contesting the governor’s seat in Tharaka Nithi next year. This is an attempt by his political rivals to clip his wings in advance of the 2022 erections

He may not have done well enough at his A levels as reported, but legend has it that he was the best O levels student in all of Central. I doubt that Prof Ntarangwi of CUE would stick his neck out on Njoka’s behalf if he was an academic fake. Ntarangwi is a heavy weight Mrume plucked by CUE from his professorial job at Harvard. He cannot vouch for Njoka if he was fake as alleged

Besides, the good prof had a sterling career at Egerton University and missed getting married to the sister of the current governor of Meru Kiraitu by a whisker. Prof Njoka is a performer numero uno. A true Mrume

Pole kwa tribulations Prof yani all these coz of politics such a dirty game. Yes People’s Friendship University of Russia as it is now known was formerly called Patrice Lumumba University in recognition for his anti imperialist (western) stance by Russia.

Gave scholarships to Africans from all over the motherland. I even had a cousin studying there late 90s

He is.

Guvna, Tharaka Nithi County. Facing off against the former Gvn James Mbae Ragwa who was ousted by the current Muthomi Njuki.

He also has steered Chuka University to great heights, mostly economically and it’s causing ruckus hapo Chuka coz the old town is now a shell, the towns vibrant activity has shifted around the campus so kuna mabwenyenye wameumia na wengine wakaomoka.

I read him saying that he is the father of Degrees. Hii ni witch hunt juu ya politics. Ama DCI boss pia yeye ako kwa mix?