Legacy media now blames U.S inflation on Russia and Ukraine.

:D:D this is how the game is played. Biden really needs this war.


Biden has failed the Americans , the economy is dead sasa anajificha na Ukraine unaeza fikiria Ukraine iko hapo florida.

Do you know who you’re talking to? :smiley:

usiniambie ni patco

War with Russia is imminent, but there is little to worry about, nuclear weapons are not what the legacy media makes them to be

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Baratheon how comes you haven’t gifted yourself a fancy title yet, like uwesmake has? e.g ujiite DEPUTY PRESIDENT or ADMIN’S SWEETHEART .

We all know you are a mod. @Thirimaii ulisema baratheon ni mod yupi? Mastima?

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Discipline. Learn to keep your handles apart.

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Hiyo ghasia haijawai kufa.Ikufe ni kule nyamchom