Ledama Ole Kina

This guy has come out as very independent minded from Baba’s cows.

He was very vocal about land ownership in Kajiado and the wider Masai Land in the last few years.

He was bold to kinda congratulate the people of Msambweni for the victory of Feisal. He also voted NO last night and later castigated the senate for the decision they made, maintaining that it was a clawback for devolution.

The fact that he has began donning Maasai attire makes me think he will inherit the Ntimama kingpin seat, beating Lenku and others who are seeking it…

Isn’t he a good politician guys?


This chap has good points like on mau forest but he can’t see beyond his tribe , very tribal hata masomo ya majuu haiwezi toa hio ujinga but me thinks he like all the rest uses it a a tool for balkanization, hio chieth ya only masai can own land in masai counties despite the same having advertised and sold land is pure BS ! . and saying people should not put up fences on land they bought because maa cows have right of way and grazing rights !

Akiwa pale USA alikiwa amefugwa na mama mzee kama Emmanuel Macron

He makes very valid points all the time. si kama hii jinga inaitwa Kangata

Mganga clown 2.0, Thinks he will win through Balkanization .

He was elected by the maasai to protect the interests of the maasai. Nothing wrong when he does the job he was elected to do.

Casting for governorship. Trying to be the next Ole Ntimama. Will it work, who knows. He is not even pure Masaai. But neither was Ntimama.

You don’t protect by incitement ! Kama watu wali uza shamba wali uza ! He should be telling them to stop selling or showing them how to invest once they have sold lakini hii game ya ero masai jinga uza shamba bila kujuwa should cease !

Maa politics is by popular vote, alliance pick, elders endorsement and age sets alignment. Huyu has a lot of work to realign all those to his favour. In 2013 & 2017 the Maa community retreat in Suswa holy ground gave a clearer direction for the community. In 2022 it will be the same. He is not the only one jostling for it. They will never have another Ntimama. What they are doing right now as a community collectively is better. Retreat every 5 years to review the current political agreement, what was agreed, promises, what was done politically, economically and development projects. What wasn’t, what is ongoing what is on offer currently for their support. That is more beneficial than individual gains.

Fafanua priss.
Is he a Masai of sweet potatoes?

His mother is Kyuk.

He is Maathai of Ngwashi.
He will never be a king pin.
Remember saitoti?

Instead of educating his Maa tribesmen to stop selling all the land they still have, he is trying the Ole Ntimama and pre2013 William Ruto tactics of trying to incite natives against the new arrivals. He forgets that Narok county voters are from all over Kenya and not just the tribe he hates the most, the Kikuyu.

Past leaders:

Ntimama - meru
John Keen - father German

And it is an irony he is part Kyuk, just like many Maa people.

Ndauwo Vs police spokesman


Owino always gets emotional in interviews. There’s a day he had issues with Larry Madowo.

kumbe hio ukali ni over compensation !

He always has issues with everything that challenges his class Six ego.
Still I can’t believe how he earned this post.
[SIZE=2]Note: Sijawatch izo fidio[/SIZE]