Ledama Ole Kina Aiingia Mitini

A lady impregnated by senator Ledama is seeking Ksh 200,000 monthly upkeep.
The newborn is now 1 year old and resembles Ledama, DNA results are still pending
Senator has preferred to stay quete about this matter as things hot up[ATTACH=full]401467[/ATTACH]


Huyu jamaa huchukia wakikuyu sana yet alienda kuzalisha a mungikiress…

Talk about lacking self awareness.

Woman seeks Sh200,000 child support from Senator Olekina [ATTACH=full]401468[/ATTACH]

Condom vs dry fry.

May be that is his way of settling grudges with them.Impregnant as many as possible while running to the Embobut forest.
The kyuk lady probably knows he doesn’t like them but still goes ahead to allow him kumwaga ndani.

Na vile hii humbwer huwa na verbal diarrhoea. That mungikiress should teach this ghaseer the hard way.

As long as she wasn’t raped then she needs to first prove that she can and will contribute the same amount as well, towards supporting/ raising the child. Parental responsibilities ni 50-50

Hapa sijaelewa kiasi mzito fafanua

Ledama’s mum is actually a Kikuyu

If you dont eat lanyes you will realise that a man’s basic instinct is to impregnate any gal she finds attractive…Nature demand that you must pass over your DNA …it takes so much will power for a man not to dry fry a woman he finds attractive

Its supposed to be He. @WIGSPLITTA would castrate you for such minor errors