Lebanon and Hezbollah on Notice

Israel has given the Lebanese Government and Military a “48-Hour Ultimatum” to begin Negotiations on an Agreement to return Hezbollah to their Positions which were agreed upon by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701


Or else , the IDF will launch a Military Operation to Destroy any and all Hezbollah Infrastructure in Southern Lebanon up to the Litani River.

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Let them go ahead , Jewish swines are the world’s slayqueen. Can’t wait kuona wakilimana na a serious military like hezbollah.kama wanalimwa na Gaza ,Gaza has been barricaded for centuries with oppression day in day out yet they can kill some Jewish army personnel, Hezbollah will be bloody fawkin. Katambe

You can’t have your cake and still eat it

Hezbollah is 100 times stronger than hamas,
Bring it on.

If they dare touch Hezbollah, then let them prepare for an endless serious war.

They were beaten in 2006

Labish, if they are that strong si wangesha maliza the zionists?