Leaving Home Without A Face Mask Makes One Feel Naked

Kweli hii ni 2020. Yesterday I left in hurry and after about 10 minutes I realized sina mask. I found it cheaper to buy a new mask at 50 bob rather than make a U-turn to go back home.
Naona forced vaccination ikianza next year albeit slowly. This is how it will go down. You will not get VISAs to EU, US or Asian countries without a valid vaccination certificate. You will not get into malls and Walmart without it. Better get used to NWO coz that is what it is.

Indeed the only viable way to reduce its spread is breaking the transmittion chain

Ndindu the bonobo dont u know that Africans have a robust immune system. Hio 50/- ungesosi smokie na uache hii pressure mingimingi hapa

Every sane person should feel naked without a mask! Protect yourself where you can.

You need a high IQ to understand this meme

Children born from 3 years ago will grow up believing mouth and nose are private parts.

:DTruedat! we better accept that the ‘face’ of the world we live in changed for forever. I watched Trump and his administration last night reeling off some numbers. Now that is some scary shit.s.

Kuna siku nilitoka na haraka nikasahau kuvaa ngotha

How’s having vaccination certificate synonymous to NWO tho?

Mtu akienda mguu hapigangi u turn. Ni kugeuka tu

vinicent van go hakuwanga na masikio moja so mask haiwezi kuwa suspended

i initially thought hii meme inahusu ngoma ya future mask off