Leaving a chimpanzee can get you killed so don't start

Stay away from the zoo to protect your life. Once you start you can only leave in a casket.


umaffi thread :meffi:

The only way is to demystify the marriage thingy for women. To learn the truth about the self sabotage involved in tying oneself onto one man, is eternal salvation.
Women are strong intelligent beings and once they learn, they don’t over react into a murderous rage.
The younger women are understanding that marriage is a death trap. For now those that lack this awareness keep sacrificing themselves into it and their kids getting orphaned.

@Nameberry1 speaking us an esteemed elder in this cesspit i like you…priiisss wachana na uyu malaya mzee wazimu ata kuambukiza ujinga…priiissss

this lady is enlightened. And she speaks facts altho she uses veery colorful language but if you looked at her material, it is just right.
You have a wonderful relationship with your wife probably never thought of murdering her. But sisi African women are getting murdered everyday by our men cz the moment we want to leave relationship they wont let us.
u should support TrumanCapote not condemn her efforts to speak out about these murders.

mbwa wewe :meffi::meffi::meffi:


Heke your friend walks around with sewage material to deposit near ladies… but we keep moving away from the deposits and he keeps collecting and carrying it in his arms protectively. Hey poop man

wewe mbwa koko ya manispaa tu, watu kama @Hethi na ngirici ndio ladies. unaskia wewe :meffi:

we uwezi jua. unajua poop

Did you see that story about the 22 yo girl who was killed by the boyfriend and put in two suitcases? I don’t understand what is wrong with these black men nowadays. I am actually developing a real phobia bcz I imagine how such young women are dying left and right whenever I see a black man drawing near I’m already in hyper vigilance mode, like here comes trouble, here comes danger. I seriously fear men especially black men. All these dead women started out in a loving happy relationship before the masks of love bombing came off and the psycho behavior started. The man be like you can’t leave me for treating you badly, I own you now. Imagine someone thinking that they own you and if you try to prove different they just cut you into chunks and stuff you in a suitcase like you are a piece of meat. I’m telling you black men are just plain crazy. Who starts a relationship thinking that they will end up in two suitcases? I have come to view men especially black ones like you would view a wild animal. You always have to be in control and ready for anything. Always expect the worst and know how you can deal with them. If you approach them with alot of caution and bail out at the first sign of psycho behavior, you may save your life. A black man is a very dangerous animal. Always be on your guard. RIP to this girl

Oh poor ladies partriachy keeps tricking women into unions that are death traps. They create a happy event a wedding for us only to end up putting us in a suitcase

ongea kikuyu tutaelewa. Hauwezani na kizungu

am not kky and am not mzungu

Black men have too many psychological issues. This guy chopped the woman up with a meat cleaver. Like what was he even doing with a meat cleaver? Look at this rap song its called meat cleaver. Who else would think of making such psycho music except the black kangs? These people are just plain insane. Women need to learn how to side step this mess before it enters their lives and destroys them. Btw if you have such a guy in your life you just need to kill him bcz it’s either he kills you or you kill him, this woman had a restraining order and he was still coming to her house. Sometimes women need to toughen up and handle their business. If you allow a hoodlum into your life and he keeps telling you how he’ll send you back to your mom in a casket it’s about time to poison that mofo bcz he won’t leave you alone until he’s killed you. Even justice system understand the battered woman syndrome. You must kill your abuser or he will kill you. Someone who keeps beating you to within an inch of your life and keeps threatening to kill you will eventually kill you so you can be a pussy and end up in a suitcase or you can take care of business. Poison the mofo and save the world from another psycho. But women are too soft, they will never think of killing a man even when their own lives are in danger. She needed a gun to finish this guy off but nah she was following the law of restraining orders. A man who beats a woman up doesn’t care about the law. So why should you?

Everything correct if u don do it he will come from remand and still kill th woman and walk him self to police with a meat slasher.
Black men have deep psychological issues and they unleash them onto the African woman

The guy is 23. Insanity is real. He put her in her bath tub chopped her up and put the pieces in the suitcase. Guards came to see what the commotion was. The guy denied them entry so they went and called cops. The guy left and the cops found the house full of blood. Gosh.

let women create awareness on relationships. education systems, religion and tradition leave out the murders that result from these things.they sell tp women at a young age a cute image of fun and stability, never women meat in suitcases