Leave us alone

What has Kenya to do with Ramaphosa?

Hehe … itabidi Ramaphosa akam a replace Uhunye ama vipi wadau?

Agwachane na sisi. We are just starting to sample Nairobi’s Best restaurants.

Ramaphosa arudi kwao Kenya were you trample on wananchi and they dont fight back

Kenyans never react


Food is cheaper in Kenya.

Huyo dem jo! Tuethe

We can only consider Julius Malema. Or better still, the speaker to avail herself in Kenya to assist us in investigating the full circumstances which led to her rant privately here at home for safety concerns.

She is referring Kenyans as sissies who have been trampled by the govt but we don’t react.

By the way Kenyans do we have a breaking point??

As long as the luo nation sits back , the rest of the country won’t do anything

some might call her insane bt theaz an issue ame highlight