Leave us alone MGTOW folks


Hahahahaha why do people get so bothered by us MGTOW dudes?
I think its a form of jealousy whereby they see how much fun we are having with no commitment wit these hoes & they get jealous :D:D:D:D. Yo, leave us alone tunyanduane in peace manze :smiley:

Let the MGTOW gang do their thing, as for me I want to go home to warm meal and and a semi bushy °ya Dan know°
If it means fighting a vampiress every night so be it bruh!

Kamama tulia acha pressure

The MGTOW philosophy has been misinterpreted by Semi illiterate monks.
For records unless there lies more understanding, I believe the Slogan is used to Prepare Men for Fatherly Roles when the right time is due. On the Contrary Mommas Boys have coined this term to mean Not Marrying at all.

Watu waishi maisha yao. In life, like in anything else there are downsides and upsides to every lifestyle choice. Statistics, however, show that bachelors have it better.

#MGTOW for life.

I may Agree to Disagree. In as much as a Bachelors life might appear perfect, it’s motive is wanting and too pronounced as avoid marriage at all cost ‘ at what motive?
I support the Agenda though, it’s feasibility is more wanting and leaves more to question.

MGTOW= FREEDOM… society and women know this and that’s why they shame us mercilessly , lakini sisi we just look at them ,smile and continue going MGTOW

Absolutely true my nigga. I’ve lived both lives. The married life, the come-we-stay life and can in all honesty say …this bachelor lifestyle is the happiest I’ve ever been. My dream is to grow old this way …kama Chris Kirubi or Moi. At peace and happy spending my money on me …no stress from a wife.

Kabisa kabisa my nigga. MGTOW for life!

You are throwing an hissy fit, this whole idea is based on False ideas and misconceptions you are only concentrating on throwing an outrage towards the women

A man is built to be alone and to seek mating adventure once in a while if need be. Thats the reason married men throng bars kutoka friday mpaka monday because they are fed up with their wives, wanapotelea mabibi at all costs.

Young man tulia, enda oa miaka kumi flush them down the drain, then come back here. Sisi tumeona mengi kijana.

You must be a genius to know my Age. Now at least I understand the genesis why you are too Engrossed in this wild idea.
My two Pence:
You are a Divorced Man who got really raked over the fire by a Woman- Beta Male
You are among a Bunch of Whiny Man who has failed to keep a r/ship with a woman

Kila Mtu aishi maisha yake.do what makes you happy

The people who have it better are those with money…MGTOW, Polyamorous, Monogamous, Polygamous, whatever…no one gives a shit if you broke

Hahahahahaha i couldn’t say it any better. After 10 years akuje we’ll talk then. Nothing beats experience manze

I think men who follow this path end up very lonely in their old age. At least a woman going her own way can be a single mom and have children who actually care about her. But a man?
Anyway what do I know?

Loneliness is all in the mind …like i live alone and I’m never ever lonely. And BTW we MGTOWs sometimes have kids. Just like Moi has kids, right? And Chris Kirubi has kids too. I think Andrew Kibe has a kid too. So watoto tukonao na tunawapenda …it’s having a wife tumekataa.