Leave or Stay

So my bro has UK citizenship. Holed up in Dar (self isolated in a relatively wealthy neighbourhood) and in good health

His company has closed operations there.

UK embassy has been evacuating its citizens lakini they dont really have much in TZ so this ndege thing is one every month tena inakuwa na stop overs in Nairobi, Addis, Cairo, Cyprus, Amsterdam then London (huko manjiani its collecting others returning)

Sasa bro is in good health and has everything except he’s worried about the health systems za Tz.

sasa if he goes to UK its gonna be same thing isolation, watch telly, online and go to supermarket here and that’s it but good health system (?) should something go wrong.

sasa aondoke au abaki? should he take the offer from the Embassy?

Aende mahali ako na support. being alone is baad.
in matters of the disease there isnt a difference.

Kula mogoka polepole

Dar he’s ok. not sick and running his company via zoom/online etc but being TZ has mediocre health system

London he will be ok and will do the same but should anything happen has access to good medicare/health system

British embassy strongly discourage permanent residents to leave as long as they are self isolating.

Also he cannot afford to be away from Africa for more than 6 months.

sasa afanyaje?

Stay put in Dar and look after himself till this weathers on

Leave for UK self isolation till this weathers on

Ako Better chances ya kukua na Doo huko than Africa. Na atapata slices za white women

I think he’s better of isolating in Dar where he is. I’m not sure planes are doing adequate social distancing with their seating. Planes are also high touch areas so you can imagine how quickly viruses can spread. He’s probably safer staying in his apartment because prevention is always better than cure.

My exact thoughts

I have advised him to stay put

He has everything he needs in Dar why take a risk?