Wadau, please leave @patco alone. Let the geezer be. He has been through enough tribulations for a single being. A short story.
Well, wamuthoni’s tribulations started the day she/he/it was conceived. [ATTACH=full]431158[/ATTACH]
It would be easy to assume that his problems have always been a part of him, perhaps a perennial unlucky twat or one who just had an unlucky streak embedded in her genes. I digress.
In the endless plains of Nyahururu, Maina slums Nyahururu Town, mung’etho bar, was an overly-social bartender know as Muthoni.
Muthoni was as generous with her nether regions as the Almighty is with the air we breathe. It came as no surpsrise when she fell pregnant to her first cousin. [ATTACH=full]431214[/ATTACH](Poor choice of genes) .
Her cocktail of stds meant that she could not bring forth a healthy baby. Thus, twice, unsuccessfully she tried abortion.
Failing, she immersed herself in heavy drinking, denying the child healthy pre-birth growth…circa 1966 A retard was born. Although she craved a girl, the single mother brought forth a boy. The boy was brought up as a girl.
A careless mother, Muthoni dropped Patricia* to the floor at just 6 months.(slow brain development) Her preffered name for Patrick had been Patricia Waruguru Muthoni.
The retard could hardly associate with fellow boys so he loved the company of girls.
When pushed by elders to play with boys, he would get bored easily unless of course he got special treatment by way of being hand-held or picking up cooking duties in the wild while hunting hare, dikdik and small creatures.
It was only after trying to fondle a grown boy’s dick that Patco caught the elders’ attention.
In those days, boys would sleep together in the same rooms. Wamuthoni found an uncanny habit of placing legs on other boys or more often than not cuddling them.[ATTACH=full]431188[/ATTACH]
In came the council of elders. The boy showed no interest in girls. Was heavily-leaning towards boys. Abomination.
Patco was chased away like a scumbag.
With nowhere to seek refuge, the old bottom(young bottom at that time) went to the US embassy. He had no problem dropping his trousers for asylum. They had to prove he was truly gay. So to the US embassy gate guard, patco lost his virginity.

Before settling in Seattle, @patco better known along the corridors of the embassy as Ms. Kienyeji Tension Reliever, had serviced the entire willing workforce; a fete she is absolutely proud of.
You’d think he’d get a good job and settle in the U.S. Patricia is unpredictable.(serial poor decision maker)
In his younger days, he was one of the first, if not the first male escorts/prostitutes. Crack-smorking, bukakke-loving, cross-dressing bottom homosexual. Spent a huge sum of his fortune on plastic surgery, bum lifting and oestrogen shots.
Comes as no surprise that he has no savings.
At 56 years, old bottom remembers his old days. He swallows bitter saliva when he sees a younger homosexual. You’d think he supports the cause. He views them as competition.
He has used his little savings to spoil young studs in an effort to relive his younger days.
It comes as no surprise that WaMuso is bitter, filled with disdain and almost always moody. (has anti-depressant and mental-stabilisation pills)
Physically, he struggles with anal leakage, sagged buttocks and has had two ass hole correction procedures. Let’s pray and support this woman.



Finish that he/she/they completely. Let it not stand before men. :D:D:D:D

Angushia yeye 9x9.

Niaje patricia najua unachungulia hata kama nilikublock.

finish hio homosexual called @patco