Leasing Land/Farming Business

I have about an acre and a half a few kilometres from Machakos Junction, I wanted to start a farming business but I don’t know what crops grow well in that area or where the produce is to be sold. If you’re in that field please feel share here or send me a message and we could even work together. Thank you

Fuga kondoo I think it’s a very lucrative venture once mastered.

do you have sufficient water for irrigation or livestock ?

Whatever you wanna farm just make sure you are the one selling it to the customer, broker namalisa sisi kwa hii field buana

Machakos sijaona kondoo bado. Uko sure zitasurvive?

Kondoo in Machakos is not advisable.
Maybe mbuzi.

Ebu nichanue. Kondoo is good biz? I have never known.

Iko a few steps to a river actually

Hapo junction after roadblock ya mwisho towards mombasa, side ya left, wanafuga kondoo, lakini huwezi fuga kwa one acre, zinahitaji space kubwa. lima managu na tomatoes kama uko na maji. [SIZE=1]vota hakuna mto[/SIZE]

I disagree … The dorper breed do very well in arid n semi arid areas infact they were developed for such conditions.They have a very high adaptability and tolerance. Being browsers they survive long dry seasons while maintaining a decent body weight. Just ensure water availability.They require plenty of water.

No sweetheart,
AAT is a major challenge here.

Check out Amagoh dorper studs one of the best breeders countywide na anafanyia na huko.

Not with proper efficient management. And yeah! Iam flirted;):D:D

Carry out a soil test. You will be advised. A water source is also very important

Machakos is not an arid or semi arid place. Kwani mnaongela Machakos gani? I have been in Machakos and its all green.