Learning French

Fellas, at the beginning of the year i had set a target of learning French, preferably teaching myself. I want to start the journey but am unsure where to start and i wanted your help/ idears

-is there an app or a book, or a YouTube channel or any other medium where i self learn the french language?

@coldkumer niaje

Umeuliza baba?

Niaje @uwesukimwi

Rudi shule, mjinga.


Google is your friend

Ingia Google Playstore and download duolingo vile @123tokambio amesema hapo.

wacha nikufunze ile french kiasi nilifunzwa raima

Bonjóur - bonjóur Monsieur
Como ca va - bien merci

Jémapelle Leon


No wonder i blocked you

Try Michel Thomas method on you tube
Watch your favorite movies/ series in French with English subtitles
You can also register at the Alliance francaise library in town then have access to all audio, video, books that you can even borrow…

check out