Learned bonobos

Hebu niwaulize tu kwa upole, how can one relocate from this country?
Ni nchi gani inaeza ni-welcome with open arms nikiwa na Advanced Certificate in Cyber Cafe Management?
The more I observe events, the more I realize being in this shithole is a yuuuuuge mistake


SIZE=5Hao goons wamekushtua mpaka unataka kuhama Kenya? [/SIZE]

SIZE=5If I was present at the scene ningevunja hao bouncer one by one.[/SIZE]

SIZE=5Havi is a weakling. Mluhya alikimbia na chai yake immediately he spotted those idiots. Yaani aliwacha his female colleagues wapigane na 200 KG bogi bendas.[/SIZE]

SIZE=5Any man who shoves a woman is by default a poos in my eyes.[/SIZE]

Huyu Havi ni burukenge kweli, yaani jamaa aliingia nyasi halafu anatokea after the fact na kupiga kelele ati we will sue. Hata mimi najua vizuri sana as a rule huswai tokelezea … kwa scene yeyote after the fact.Kaa uliamua kupotea potea kabisa. Huwes kuwa witness after the fact … you will lose. Huyo dem wa blue ni roho juu kapsaa … strong lady, stood her ground, excellent wife material the kind that takes a man to new heights. Gotta look her up … the kinda lawyer u want. Achana na Havi … pussy azz nucca.

It was Havi that hired the goons.
The boss doesn’t get his hands dirty.

Relocation achia middle class

hiyo jaluo ya blue banae:D:D:D:D
ati hii ndio mama inafaa kutembea na handbag

Kuna villagers that oppose relocating,wanasema ukalishe kinyambis na uendeleze nchi…sijui aje but,yeah

I would relocate not for myself but for my kids. Same way female prey sacrifice themselves to their predators to give their young offsprings a chance to live for at least a day more.

Now you get it. Mi naona ni machungu wengi wanayo,they want to de outside but no means of doing so, otherwise wangekua wako nje their sentiments would differ. Hear how pseudo gringos swear they will be buried in the white man’s land?

These goons look like cops

  1. Intro’
    How was Havi so prepared for the violence with a cup of tea by the sidelines

  2. Plot
    It was violent right? Nobody got hurt, just a couple of conveniently placed objects here and there thrown about.

  3. The exit
    The allege hired guns were ushered out without being stopped or any attempt to. Look at the guard who opened the gate for them and they walked out

Thing is Havi hired the alledge thugs to make a show for him which was poorly orchestrated

Havi is sensational. He alleged that 800million was squandered by mercy wambua & “past LSK presidents.” He however has not even presented a shred of 1 missing Shilling! …he is in a fishing expedition and taking casualties while at it

Fuck Havi and that girl, Esther he is screwing, both physically and professionally