Leaked: Kenya Forest Service & Kenyatalk Correspondence

Dear @admin ,
Inspite of recent downtime occasioned by your purported “system upgrades”, your site security is wanting.
My team of hackers (we drink in Karen by the way) has intercepted correspondence between yourself and the Kenya Forest Service (about dubious Talkers and the vandalism being visited on the Closet).


hehehe…Na walahi anakaa yeye.

Siku hizi closte zinawekelewa maflying kicks mbaya sana!

Kama Mjamaa wa BSc Forestry ( @Touchlyrics ) haja sign hiyo letter, najua ni fake

Salute ya uwesmaino yaonekana kwa ufasaha

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D…baba Ochi lazima upunguze masweeps kidogo hatutaki watu washindwe kupiga kura twende Canaan.

I have also disappeared at my work place under mysterious circumstances!

Nitarudi next week to sign pending memos.

Intact closets are an endangered species :D:D:D

Hehehehehehe. Leading the Coalition Against Intact Closets ni nappy seal ule wa kwatrichoind!


hiyo mecho ni ya nani???

Hehe you see the way @Deorro is looking at his salute

@kelele tuu…

tumeona injendi mwenyewe :D:D

:D:D:DAti jina ya closet ni LGBT? You’re one creative niccur!

Halafu hio koti ya Idi Admin ni ile ya pink ya disco matanga?

Naona macheteh hapo kando. This seike will take longer than 18hrs

makanika pwana, eish, you will kill me one day with laughter

@Deorro , not coming back from this one ([SIZE=2] he didnt even miss the cutlery[/SIZE] ), lets invade that place the hackers drink and knock their heads in

and a formal letter :D:D:D:D

Hiyo cutlery imeletewa LGBT wakulane huko ndani wenyewe kwa wenyewe, wasilete huku nje hizo jokes!


Very unfair to include the dryfry artist kwa hizo nyangau .

@Electronics4u ingilia kati buanaaaa

This small matter can very amicably be resolved with less than a litre of Gibleys.

Funny as hell :D:D:D:D