Leafy Surburb, Flashy Car

A certain young kijana has been making very good cash online for the last 3 years but living a frugal life and filing NIL returns. Now he wants to upgrade; buy and build in a leafy Nairobi surburb and acquire a flashy car but he’s afraid KRA wataanza kumsumbua. All his income is derived online. Is there any guide from KRA or wajuaji here on the taxation of income earned online while residing in Kenya? I advised him to go ahead and purchase whatever he likes but aweke a certain amount kando in case they come knocking.

This story does not make sense.

The “living frugally” part doesn’t add up.

If he is moving to Muthaiga, normally he would already be living in Lavington and the likes i.e one or two classes below Muthaiga.

Unless…ni pesa ya wash wash ama alishinda jackpot.

From my observation, very few people can live in Githurai “frugally” and then just move to Muthaiga one day. Normally, a person’s expenses track his income.

The only people who do that are people who have suddenly gotten some huge cash (usually illegitimately).

If you said that the guy has moved from A, to B, to C, to D, and now he is at E planning to live at F next, it would make sense.

enda lipa iyo fine ya nil returns for years labda 20k halafu fanya vile unataka

Aende Agip house atafute any KRA broker amnunulie mmoja lunch ata pata all info he wants regarding how things are done with any issue with KRA

Ukijua umekuwa uki make doh chini ya maji the last thing you want is sudden change of lifestyle…then all eyes on you.
Halafu vile azor amesema.
This change is too sudden for a sniper…kama sio vile azor amesema…a person like him would look to do the same but out of town…sio right next door to the high and mighty.
Msee kama huyo naturally huwa thoughtful and extremely careful…not fast and flashy.
A high i.q guy.
Im not buying this.
My 2cents. Following.

Open a company… buy everything in the company’s name. File returns as a company going forward

Tafuta Nano Ledger. Convert that $$ to crypto. Kula pesa yako pole pole. Drip feed it into the system in a way that will not raise eyebrows. Slowly and quietly.

Already in crypto. Earned via crypo. Cashing out polepole is the way to go. He might however need some patience

Anunue stablecoins which is as good as having dollars. Every personal expense kuanzia rent to food na credit anunue na hiyo pesa haijalipiwa tax.

Weka pesa chini ya godoro kama Ranjeet

na Uhuru aki change sura ya pesa?

Hizi stablecoins watu husema. Niliweka pesa kidogo nikanunua bitcoin for trial and error last year saa hii that money has lost 33% of it’s value. Ethereum pia has lost it’s value but si sana. Zingine niliweka kwa portfolio were way worse.

Tutazitumia kwa giza,sura pelekea wamama na cute boys

Crypto currency is a sham.To make real money in this life just find a niche product and service that you are good at and offer it to your customers/clients at a decent profit with excellent after sales service and you will become a rich man.Hii upuss ingine ya sijui mining bit coin ni upusss kapsaaa.