Leader Of The Official Opposition, 2022, WSR

That is how it will all boil down to. You will remember this listing.

There is no way they will let him ascend to the throne as he posses a major threat to their Old Money.

Its the know-it-all voting class who will suffer, not Arror.

That is what will happen. I am all for Ruto but the Mafia (Kenyatta, Moi) Dynasties don’t want anyone who can take away their ill gotten wealth and distribute it to the peasants. These 2 parasitic families need to be reduced to beggars.


i’ll vote for Ruto because of how he implemented the double intake idea,watu walikua wanagonga 2+ years inje ndio wanajoin.BUT AM NOT DELUDED HE WANTS TO DISTRIBUTE ANYTHING.

to be an opposition leader you must have 25% of all MPs,from 360 constituencies that means something like 90MPs.Considering the details of how one becomes a PM,Jubilee will be in government.

Don’t underestimate WS. His support at the grassroots is very strong, unless there is a change in dynamics. Anyway, it depends on where you come from.

bullshiet, grassroots are always ethnical , the only person enjoying grassroot support non-ethnically is Raira

This, this now is what we call bullchieth. Peleka myambo yako huko ghasia hii.

How much of the money he has stolen has he distributed to the peasants? Or are you talking of the wheelbarrows? We will just be exchanging one st of thieves with another more rapacious and hungry thief. In time Ruto’s will become another dynasty, and the shafting just continues. Kenyans deserve the leaders they get. You call people bonobos but you reason like the mother of all bonobos.

Ruto is a fraud. No different from the guys he calls dynasties. 2022 tunapea Baba kura. Riwe riwaro

Ruto will never do such a thing. he only wants to be president