Le Tour stage 8


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by CyclingTips

July 9, 2016

Photography by Cor Vos

On Saturday the peloton of the 2016 Tour de France rides 184km (114.3mi) from Pau to Bagnères-de-Luchon. Three tough climbs feature on the stage with the hors categorie Col du Tourmalet and the Category 1 climbs of the Col de Val Louron-Azet and Col de Peyresourde. The stage is not for the faint of heart with 4,350m (14,271ft) of climbing, but again the stage ends in the valley after the harrowing high-speed descent of the Pyresourde.

Date: Saturday, July 9
Start: Pau (67-time stage city, population 81,500)
Finish: Bagnères-de-Luchon (57-time stage city, population 2,800)
Distance: 184km (114mi)
Elevation Gain: 4350m (14271ft)
Weather forecast: Hot summer sun at the start. Cloudy onto the mountains from midday. Rising temperatures, reaching up to 30/34°C in the valleys. More or less the same temperature at the top of the mountains. Light northeasterly wind.

Jana kulikua na misscomunication which lead to misculculation which made the peleton not catch the breakaway.

This means today the big boys wako macho, kitaumana from the word go.
@aviator Please watch todays stage in its entirity and get to enjoy top cycling

Waaaah, hizo Milima ni Kali. Inakaa kinangop ya France.Huko watu wa jugdaniels hawatoboi coz if you miss any step while drunk, wewe kwisha.maskwembe nazo lazima

Bwana ES what’s wrong with that photo? The topography doesn’t look right

Huko ni juu ya mlima karibu na summit, watch todays race ujionee pyrenees vizuri.
Awesome scenery from the helicopters

And btw those spectators camp there overnight as the roads are closed early morning coz of the tour.


What time is it being aired and what channel number?

Back to the photo, I think whoever wrote the article grossly exaggerated the terrain by editing the photo. Rotate it around 80 degrees counter clockwise so that the people are standing upright and you will notice that based on the slope angle, the bus on the far end does not have a stable center of gravity and should have been a gonner.

All in all beautiful scenery

The second of three back-to-back stages in the Pyrenees and contains four categorised climbs, including the iconic Col du Tourmalet.

From 2pm to 6pm on SS7

Thanks, will definitely watch

There are several candidates for the hardest stage of the 2016 Tour. Stage 9 to Andorra has more climbs than this one, as does stage 15 to Culoz. Stages 19 and 20, finishing in St Gervais-Mont Blanc and Morzine, have the same number of climbs as this, and the same designations – an HC, two first-cats and a second-cat.

But stage 8 to Luchon still stands out as a uniquely tough challenge. Firstly, the climbs are packed together, while all the other stages except stage 15 have a bit of breathing space between the climbs. Secondly, while stage 15 only breaches 1,000m altitude once, this stage has four climbs above 1,500m, including the Tourmalet at 2,115m. This is the most intense stretch of mountain climbing in the 2016 Tour.

The route is a riff on the original Pyrenean “Circle of Death”, which first appeared in the 1910 Tour, the first time the race went into the high mountains. That year saw the riders cross the Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet and Aubisque on the D618/D918 road which joins Luchon in the east with Laruns in the west. The nickname came from the toughness of the route.

For 2016, there’s been a tweak. Going from west to east, the organisers have skipped the Aubisque and started with the Tourmalet. Then, instead of going back over the Aspin, the riders will pass the Lac de Payolle and continue up the Hourquette d’Ancizan, a tough climb. Then comes the Val Louron Azet, and finally back up to the D618 for the climb of the Peyresourde and descent to Luchon, which is fast and swooping.

Although it’s not a summit finish, the toughness of the route and the speed of the final descent should ensure that it’s one of the crucial GC days of the entire Tour.
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Froomedog is unstopperble.
Hii stage ni yake

Stage 8 highlights.
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Kuvaa yellow jersey sio ngumu, keeping it is the hard part.
Go go Froomedog and FerkMwangiKamaliza

@aviator kuja na kalamu na karatasi…Froome clocked 97km/h on the drop oh Froome ni huyo jamaa ako kwa hio mbicha hio bike ni Pinarello na hio ring ya oval ni crank inaitwa O ring…niwa hara kidu?

Hawakupima mwendo vizuri.