Le Tour de France Stage 6: History Repeating Itself

Thibaut Pinot realized just how strong Team Sky and Movistar were yesterday during stage 5 yani walimhemesha kama vile Fiud Macho anaweza hemeshwa na @aviator kwa kitanda…
The distance of this
Thursday’s stage 6 of the 103rd
Tour de France (#TDF2016) from
Arpajon-sur-Cère to Montauban is
190.5 kilometers. That’s exactly the
same stage distance as the only
other time the Tour visited
Montauban, in 1998, when the stage
started in Brive-la-Gaillarde.
'98 was mirred in doping hoping that will not repeat this time.

It’s also likely that Thursday’s transitional
stage, preceding three climbing stages
in the Pyrénées, will also see a winning
breakaway. History does repeat itself:
same stage town, same distance, same
heat-wave temperatures…but nobody
wants another major doping scandal.

Heading out for practice in a few nione kama nitahemesha watu kadhaa Saturday[ATTACH=full]47279[/ATTACH]

sad that alberto contador lost 33 seconds yesterday hope today will be different

Achana na contador.
The battle is between Froome and Quintana. Ahaishani jorua. (Best climbers)

Gio, weka mbisha ya helmet. Safety first.

Ata kama ni zile pan yeye hupika nazo pia ni sawa

Huyo Quintana leo ataitana

Cavendish takes it

@aviator njoo hapa
The points classification in the Tour de France is a secondary competition in the Tour de France, that started in 1953. Points are given for high finishes in a stage and for winning intermediate sprints, and these are recorded in apoints classification. It is considered a sprinters’ competition. The leader is indicated by a green jersey which has become a symbol for the points classification in the sense that when a cyclist wins the points classification, he is said to ‘win the green jersey’.[1]

The system has inspired many other cycling races; the other two Grand Tours have also installed points classifications: the Vuelta a Españasince 1955, also using a green jersey, and the Giro d’Italia since 1966.
Peter sagan has it as of now

Cavendish has won todays stage

@aviator na ukuje na kalamu…his time?

Am I the ktalk moron?


The Kerio Valley climbs this Sato…zinatisha

hope umefanya tizi

I have, todays session was great…think your pro·té·gé Sheriff will be there too

Go to his fb profile and see his pic with froome