Le Tour de France Stage 5

Ndio hii analysis ya Peloton
The last time the Tour came through this northwestern part of the Massif Central in 2011 (this image), there was drama aplenty: separate high-speed crashes on the slick descent of the Pas de Peyrol mountain put
Jurgen Van den Broeck, Alexander Vinokourov, Frederik Willems and Dave Zabriskie out of the race with broken bones; a France Télévision
vehicle side-swiped riders in the breakaway, sending Johnny Hoogerland into a barbed-wire fence; and the break’s Thomas Voeckler took over the yellow jersey that he’d defend for 10 days. // There’s again going to be a
new yellow jersey after Wednesday’s stage 5, which has a far more decisive finale than that dramatic stage five years ago. Current leader
Peter Sagan won’t survive the steep climbs, while his Tinkoff team leader Alberto Contador, suffering from his stage 1 injuries, will need all the help he can get to hang with the other GC contenders. // The last hour of the
216-kilometer stage has enough challenges to split the race wide open, starting with the steeper side of the Pas de Peyrol (that has a double-digit
grade for the last 2.5 kilometers), 31 kilometers from the finish. Then comes the dangerous 11-kilometer descent through thick woods, but this
time on dry roads, before the nasty Col de Perthus, whose grades reach 11 percent at the top, with 15 kilometers to go. This climb wasn’t “raced” by
the peloton in 2011 because it was awaiting stragglers from the Pas de Peyrol crashes. This time, it should see an intense battle, especially as another climb, the Font de Cère, peaks 2. 5 kilometers from the finish,
followed by a technical, zigzag downhill and a short 6-percent kicker to the line at Le Lioran. //

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Na kwani hii race hufanyika France pekeyake, na kwanini iwe hivyo?

Umepika nini breako?


@aviator this is Chris Froome, he has a Kenyan background. Rooting for him to carry the championship and todays stage and he currently is 5th overall.
He rides a Pinarello Dogma…in slow terms, its a really expensive and incredibly nice bike, umenyita?

Its the 103rd edition, happens anually. Dont know how they settled on France @Web Dev pancakes na turungi

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I am rooting for Alberto Contador, I wont mind Nairo Quintana taking it but NOT CHRIS FROOME…
Aberto’s cycling gait is too good to ignore…when he is cyling while standing you can just see a pure athlete, a classy one.

He’s a fighter… a real one just watch Giro d’italia 2015 especially, the guy injured his shoulder and fought to win the damn tour.

I dislike Sky because all they do is train for the tour all year round, Froome’s only race is the Tour de France the rest are kinda like practice sessions.


Ndiyo haya mashindano yako ufaransa pekee…hii ni Ziara ya ufaransa, pia kuna Ziara ya Uhispania (Vuelta a Espana) na pia Ziara ya Italia (Giro d’Italia). Hapa kenya kuna Ziara ya Machakos (Tour de Machakos). Mwaka huu Ziara ya Utaliana ilianza Uholanzi kisha ikakamilika inchini Italia.

Every country but kenya has its own tour but the french edition is the most loved as it attracts all the millionaires of cycling.
Kuna tour of rwanda
Giro de italia
Tour of spain
Tour down under ( australia) @LikeLiterally Ataweka mbisha
Tour of eritrea
California tour
And many more

How comes @Gio is not participating?