Le Tour de France Stage 4.

232 kms, almost like Nairobi to Mtito wa ndei, our very own Gio can even do the return trip na bado akule slices zake.
The last time Limoges hosted a Tour stage finish, in 2000, the winner was Frenchman Christophe Agnolutto. It was also the last time we have seen a successful day-long solo break in the Tour (we’re not including solo attacks from breaks). You could argue that there’s more chance of seeing the return of downtube shifters than of another successful solo break. With the Tour being so big now, solo breaks are less common. The last long solo break was Bradley Wiggins’s unsuccessful attempt on stage 6 in 2007, though Bretagne rider Pierre-Luc Périchon had half a stage away on his own early last year.

Although the second half of today’s stage tips up slightly, reaching 452m in altitude as the Tour starts to skirt the Massif Central, it’s another stage for the sprinters, one of the last for some time. With the first mountains hoving into view on stage 5, Limoges marks a break between the opening phase of the Tour and the race proper for the yellow jersey, which will start at Le Lioran in 24 hours’ time. It’s apt, because Limoges itself is a border town between north and south, sitting exactly on an ancient crescent-shaped line which separated the two old language groups of France, the Oïl and the Oc.

Another rarity in the Tour: stages as long as this. The number of stages longer than 230km has dwindled from six, in 1991, through three in 2000, to one in this year’s Tour. It’s a long day in the saddle but despite the more mountainous terrain to come, the riders will be glad that the two longest stages of the whole Tour are already done.

Armstrong bado ndio atashinda hii. Na bike yake ni more than 300k.[SIZE=1]hahahahah[/SIZE]

Armstrong was a cheat.

Mimi najuwa Armstrong pekeyake hata kama alikuwa cheat. So kwangu mimi Armstrong anabeba hii kitu

Gugu Chris Froome aka Froomedog, huyu ni mkenya and he will be the winner

Amevaa yellow jersey ama?

I can see you know the yellow jersey.
Hio atavaa wakifika alps.
He is a climber

Yeah najuwa yellow jersey. Mimi si mganga mshamba. Hata najuwa kuna green jacket kwa golf, bt I only know Tiger Woods. So nani anavaa yellow jersey sahii?.

@Mkufuu Kuja jibu hii.
Pia kuna green jersey, white jersey na polka dot jersey.

Now I know. Wajuwa Google is always there, but it’s better you learn things from one in the know, that when you go to Google you have an idea what you searching.

Bingwa wa dunia, Peter Sagan ndiye aneyeivaa jesi la Manjano kwa sasa. Jesi hili huvaliwa na mwendeshaji atakaye tumia muda mfupi mno katika hii ziara ya Ufaransa. Kwa kila steji, muda uliotumiwa katika haya mashindano ya baiskeli huhesabiwa na yule aliyetumia muda mfupi kabisa huzawadiwa hili jesi… Lakini anaweza lipoteza katija steji za usoni katika ziara.

Safi kaka now I know Peter Sagan. Ni jezi si jesi

SRM data zimetolewa?

Welcome back

Asande Kaka sasa tunaweza chambua bikes za Tdf2016 so that poor @aviator can understand why a Pinarello can cost 12,000 usd and why wattage matters and cadence

@aviator kuje uketi paleeeeee like a good student na note book and jot down knowledge hio ublondeness uko nayo ya bike iishe

I am more interested in how to de-shell, de-shit and marinate aged tortoise.

And The Mod aka The Sweetheart described you as the one “full of blondeness” in another thread.

Thay thread will be coming up soon, for now keti pale with with a note book and pen and get ready to take notes so that next time you talk of bikes angalau you can know what your talking about. Stage 5 is today which is 216 km with steep climbs, lets see if Sagan will retain the yellow jersey or Froomey will shine in the climbs

Wewe hauko kwa hio race?

Sagan, cavendish and all the sprinters hawawes milima, leo ni siku ya climbers (ahaichani)
Quintana, Froomedog and Contador.
Expect a long breakaway