Le General has spoken

The state of democracy in this country is in tatters. We are in the formative parts of a Tyranny. The General arrived at his destination with peace. He is safe and sound. The Tyrants couldn’t handle him so they went for cheap moves. Anyone, no one expects any smart moves from the dumb duo.

  • And i have to clarify, coz the sycophants love to misconstrue this phenomena. IT IS NOT JUST A LUO AFFAIR. It is all People’s affair. Minus a section that thinks a different set of rules applies to them.

Comrades Power !



When the general comes back to take the instruments of power, anyone found guilty of breaking the constitutional provisions, fomenting Ethnic hatered, Grand corruption, Political Murder >>


let him incite Canadians and the only deportation will be into Niagara Detention Centre.


apanasumbua jenerali

Since 2016 when your handle surfaced on this forum, it wasn’t hard to notice that you suck up to tribal demagogues. You and a bunch of a few others. You are excused.

General Slippers

At least he’s not a granny / goat shagger

a Pedophile perhaps??

Someone using humble and miguna in one sentence!
Maybe it should have been a broken miguna.

yep, truly it is ‘all people’s affair’:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Hawa watu wa shithole kenya wanapeleka makelele yuko kwa airport ya first world country kwa nini?Wakue deported back to kenya wote.