Lazy ass...

Came across this story and couldn’t help to notice the conversation below

“Umemanage to hit the same sensitive spot till I came……so sweet

“That’s my secret.
” I boasted.

“Haha…enyewe you are good at this. Who taught you? You aren’t like other guys wenye wanashinda wakipindua dem and changing positions without even hitting the spot.

Still…my secret. Haha” I added before giving her another kiss. “”“”
Left me wondering maybe majority of women loathe weird sexual positions or they are just been dead lazy. Ama have I been doing it all wrong?

Soon u will become a man. Sooooo mature to understand when THEY want to caress your little ego




Village Elder, no two girls are the same. Pay attention to your girl and over time you’ll learn what she likes.

Alafu akakuomba mullah ya this or that na ukampatia plus extra

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Girl are supper complicated man one moment ni yes yes yes nxt oooh ata haja hit the right spot