How old was the oldest partner you ever laid… Leteni hekaya


Wewe si ulete yako kwanza…thats how it goes around these streets


maybe alimunch mathe wa 70+ years sasa anata kuskia kama kuna watu wengine ajiconsole


43 at the time I was 24

You got your first lay at 24??You are a late bloomer. Dont people start getting laid at 16?

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There was this hot 48 year old mama living around the estate I stay in. Her husband works abroad. She has two daughters and both are in Canada for studies so she stays alone. She once called me to fix her dstv dish since it had been dismantled from its position by some strong winds. It was an easy job as it needed only fixing screws tightly to some wood. You see this mama is 48 but has that hot and sexy body of a 25 year old and with make up you would mistake her for a young campus slay queen. After fixing her dish, she invited me in for some drinks since I had done a good job. She brought a bottle of JD (Jack Daniels) and after downing two glasses I found myself kissing her really hard and undressing her. She didn’t resist or sumn. She even went ahead and placed it real good for me to hit it. All this while I shagged her condomless. I came in her and she told me not to worry cause she had hit menopause and couldn’t get pregnant. I lived with guilt till this moment. Three months down the line I took a lab test and it came out totally fine.

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:D:D:D:D shait ulisting yeye HKM hadi kwa settings

Hahah I can imagine how it went[ATTACH=full]148440[/ATTACH]

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Mid 40s when I was 23.

Who said it was my first lay? We’re talking about the oldest lay here. Just coz you’re a late bloomer doesn’t mean we all are
I got my first lay before you even knew your name

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On the contrary it was the total opposite. She was super tight, problem is she kept on bothering me for days to the point anakuja campus

In another thread I talked of how some two years back I picked a lanye at Florida and following day, she started talking of her grandchildren. Age yake sikuuliza, when I get the courage of going back to Florida na nimpate, nitauliza umri and report here.

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some customer two years ago she was 44 it was on a friday tulikuwa kwake Jamesons later shots tatu dryfry asubuhi pnc kucheck in nikachomoka ka tergat kusema naenda job baadaye nikiona mechi ya Arsenali ma simu kama fifty ati we hook up hapo ndio nilim block mpaka ile siku alimaliza kulipa loan but she was a cute momo

there is one in mid 40s who is really sumbuaring me to hit it…am thinking about it…

There is one 44 and am 30 nilipata huko tagged na akanza kunisendia ma nude hii inafanya kazi huko limuru but anasoma weekend huku CBD hii lazima nitalima hekaya loading…


kusema ukweli huyo mama ali ni rape oh shit