Lawyers wote kujeni hapa

Is there a way that you can compell an institution to display your answer sheet?I suspect some fishy business going on.

You know you are supposed to tell your lawyer the truth. Nothing but the truth,don’t you?
It will enable them know how to spin it. Know wharramsayin?

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I do.I just wasn’t satisfied with the results so I wanted to see the paper myself.hata kaa ni kutafuta dough

umenyimwa marks?

Tafuta policy/exam rules za iyo institution regarding exams, court arguments are based on the institution rules already laid down and which u have probably signed in agreement. Some put a huge remarking fee to deter such cases na at the end u wont be shown the answer sheets. Most institutions claim to destroy answer sheets soon after the release of results.


Shule gani hii?

They told me they in fact have them but that it’s their property and can’t disclose them.The registration form we signed didn’t have exams terms and conditions in writing they just tell you their policies

College of Insurance

When you enrolled/registered as a student they must have given u a ka-booklet of rules and regulations of the institution

Ultimately you will be the loser

Do like @Tronjan said. Find out what the school policy is. I know in other institutions the papers are destroyed 3 months after the exams. Try exhausting all the avenues you have in resolving the issue before you speak to a lawyer. Have a paper trail of the proceses you’ve gone through.

Going up against an institution ni expensive na trust me no lawyer atawork on contingency in such a case…plus you agreed to terms za institution so burden kwako ni kuprove institution did something against its own policy


You might find that huyo mtu anamwambia hawezi ona paper yake maybe ni secretary na amemshow verbally. Kama wamemwandikia barua its a different case. Some of these officials can be high handed ni Courts tu zinaweza waharakisha.

Kama ni secretary unaweza amua kuenda kwa Dean let the courts be the last option

Thanks.I’ll take all views into consideration

Constitutional petitions and Judicial review si expensive. That’s why you see akina Omtata in Court everyday. Kuongezea, matokeo yake huwa faster than other cases.

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Deep in your lady just ran out of inches in matters exams? :D:D:D:D


Insitutions cheza chini to a dean ama the highest level in administration.lawyers wont work.nakumbuka dem days campus classmate wangu alishikwa na mwakenya akaenda senate na kupewa disco.akaamua kwenda kortini.kwa korti wakadai shule iko na rights bla bla…at the end ilichukua babake kwenda kwa vc akalia kama mtoto akisema venye ameuza shamba kijana asome ndio disco itupiliwe.mind you alikuwa fourth year with only one year to complete school.

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exam mtu ameanguka mtu hutoka akijua

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