Lawyers and legal experts in the house.....

So a friend sent me to see his relative who has been locked in industrial area remand prison. According to his charge sheet, he was arrested because he was in kenya illegally (he is a Nigerian and he’s like 23 years…)
He was has been in that shit hole since February and he has not been getting any friend or legal help.
Worst part is that the court has refused to give him bail.

What help can he get ? I feel for him and he told me i was the first friend to see him in a long while…

Help him raise enough money for a one way ticket to Abuja/Lagos…tenda wema nenda zako.

Kama anaweza afford Muite ama Orengo sawa. Kama hawezi atafute za fare ya Abuja na Hongo ya kutoka.

I can foresee a time when immigration will become a hot political issue like it usually is in the western nations.
We have way too many foreigners majority of whom aren’t accounted for and their reasons being here dodgy at best.

A @coldpilsner

Report kwa embassy

Huyo itabidi mumtafutie lawyer mserious na ticket ya Uganda ndio arudi via Busia border. Lakini ni bora arudi Abuja…

beer bit more sympathetic…I can’t even imagine how frothing he must be, being locked up in there without release . …I’m sure he has so much bottled up anger bubbling away inside him.

Heehehee… Methinks they should also investigate you. Maneno ingine unasemanga hapa casts doubts as to your Kenyanness.

Seriously though I think Kituo Cha Sheria would be a good place to start. That would give you an idea of what to do next.

I care less if am kenyan or not…

Thanks pat. …he has been in jail tangu feb…mimi i saw him and i felt for him…plus he’s young…ana sema watu wana muonea yet he has legal document…his family hawawezi afford kukuja all the way

You missed the point buddy. That was in jest.
The second statement was my idea of being helping. I guess you missed that. My bad.

Kwani sense of humor inauzwa pesa ngapi siku hizi?

Problem is that he cant get out of remand …ange kua asha exit kitambo

Nice idea my broda…the idea is clever


Just the same way we have too many unaccounted foreigners in US, UK, UAE, EU, Ausi, Even TZ! we are so much part of the problem

Bullshit from a netter that claims Uhururuto are sick.

We are busy fighting each other; wakenya tumependa ukabila…

And then you’ll come here ranting how UhuRuto are corrupt yet here you are trying to circumvent the system.
First of all, find out what crime he’s committed.
Let the law take its course and then try to help him get extradited to his country of origin to serve his sentence there.
Utakuwa umesaidia 254

crime he committed according to charge sheet is illegal stay in Kenya, problem is that he has never even been offered bail, he asked and they refused
tintageti siasa bono…