Lawyer Nick Ruto

Ride behind your father in the motorcade! He is a hunter. He is firm. He took on Moi and won. He took on the current system and won! He has even taken on pussies and won,Farida Karoney is an example. He used to fuck her at Hazina while she was a TV anchor. I respect choices of fun! I started hanging out with Uhuru when he was a clueless dickhead from KTB( Kenya Tourist Board)! Uhuru is personable, a great guy, but he is forced to to drag dead weight. Yes I can confirm that. We were club hoppers then! We use to drink at Kengeles, Lavington. Yeah, Saitoti, Mudavadi et al . I loved Drinking at Hilton, Saitoti hang around me then…miserable lonely man!I am one of the few he was comfortable talking to!

Huyo ni @john ineo ?

Who the hell are you?

I want Ruto to be protected by all means. Orengo was made minister for lands.He is a “Dic mouth, that means he goes to sleep after every orgasm and expects a repeat”. Nope! Ruto goes strong on his many erections, political, social, family etc!Yes, Lets be real!

Mugoks imeshika

Yeah, I covered 100 km per day those days…per night, with or without bodyguards, I had five at the time!

We ni umbwa. Nyamazisha mdomo. Enda ulale na huyo land grabber wako

drugs ni mbaya…this RAT is hallucinating*DiXDnW-q3fK-F2VV.png

Have you ever heard of Muguka?

Umafwi thread

That’s it working in his weak brain

@ChifuMbitika, kindly react that statement.
Muguka is a heck of a drug

Before Uhunye vied in 2002 you could casually bump into him without much drama.The fella is exaggerating kidogo,but they were more reachable MaDVD Nye Kama sio Lavi sahau.

React or retract?


drag this criminal!