Lawyer Needed

As i wade through life, sometimes i reach murky waters. And this got me to thinking, or rather needing, to have a lawyer on beck and call.

Usually i change lawyers since i shift towns/base every two years or so.

But now I am thinking of getting a lawyer, who i can pay monthly or quarterly on the understanding that i will be his most preferred client whenever wherever. Further, i shall be charged lower legal fees than the market. His work will include checking through contract details before i append my signature.

Any suggestions?


niaje bingwa


Get them from Raskamboni or Afmadhow na uwache kutusumbua nguruwe


It doesn’t matter where you get your lawyer, in the end, you’ll still remain DFHKMBLBH material kwake.

BGH Scrotum and Associates, I recommend their services.


Wakanyama & Co Associates

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For a final and conclusive solution…

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