Lawsuit against Trump revived

Once a businessman, always a businessman. Trump is a businessman, first and foremost.

Best president… So tuache kunywa maziwa ya Brookside sababu ni ya Gathecha?

You can be a businessman and not a lout.

Does he host your parties at his residences / properties at tax payers’ expense? When have you ever heard that CSs, PCs or govt officials HAVE to stay in Uhuru 's properties around the world (if they exist)?

Si wanapikiwa chai iko na maziwa ya Uhuru

Amka Kassin. Do you know The Great Rift Valley Golf Resort?

Fuck off! Enishapai $350 per day? Flip it around… what can we do with kes 35000. 8-12 thau lando. Hio ni ya goat - lazima. Whatever ms wants - 10k or she drinks flavored murat with her friends.

A whole weekend with your buddies.

Of course you can’t count it like that. Be a mwanainchi. You’ll be good.

Evidence has been provided, but the like the cockroach you are, you decide to change the topic. You’re honestly the dumbest person on the platform

Lol, stupid but funny.

Reminds me, a while back I tried getting into the Dairy business with powdered milk products from Western Europe.

While carrying out my research, I realized there was a gap in powdered milk products. Chambers of Commerce highly welcomed the idea, citing shortages from time to time. I even got buyers for those products, once they tried the samples. Ultimately, I visited the Dairy Board office and the MDs office told me that it wasn’t possible to bring in a new product because brookside had monopolized the market.

Sameer group were interested in that product, but backed off because of the bureaucracy at the time. They said it wasn’t going to be easy to get permits.

Three months ago, I spoke to a lady doing dairy farming on a large scale and she was lamenting about the challenges she has, which are government related.

But realistically, it’s impossible to Separate Trump from his business… Even with a blind trust, his kids will tell him what’s going on there and he has every right to ask given he earns 1$ p.a. Same thing we can say Kenyatta is benefiting from being a monopoly in milk and the many flasks of tea in govt offices, State House included

True. Trump is a business mogul more than a politician. He built his empire before he got into politics and integrated his kids, so yeah, he will use his political position to promote his businesses and his kids will cover up for him, no doubt.

Uhuru is a drop in the ocean in comparison though. He’s not as business savvy as Trump is.