Lawrence Malong jailed for six years over gold scam

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 – Flashy South Sudan fraudster, Lawrence Malong, has been jailed for 6 years in Uganda over gold scam.

Malong became famous after the Kenyan media highlighted his flamboyant lifestyle.

He would post photos and videos swimming in dollars and boast about his riches in the media.

He used to disguise himself as an avid entrepreneur, but behind the curtain, he was involved in fraud.

Malong has been sentenced to 6 years in jail by a Ugandan court after he was found guilty of defrauding a businessman Ksh 107 Million.

Renowned Citizen TV journalist Jeff Koinange even hosted him for an interview where he bragged about his immense wealth and powerful connections.

This is the third time hii kitu imepostiwa.


He couldn’t bribe someone huko that tacky mf?

Conman @Sambamba huona hivi mate zinaanza kumwagika chini kwa floor kama pitbull ikiona a chunk of beef steak. What he could buy if he could get his hands on such money.

hio ujinga yake M7 hatambui