Lawmaker lawyers wamekataa mambo ya conflict of interest.

I agree with Uhuru that lawmakers shouldn’t be going to court as lawyers. I don’t even think any other serious democratic country allows this apart from Kenya.

I watched Orengo yesterday on Ntv declaring that there was no conflict of interest and what struck me was there’s something not right with that man.
He looked weak and sickly and has lost lots of weight.
Probably reason why he’s not that active on the political scene.

You know Orengo was talking such a good game when fighting KANU in the streets and in parliament that Kenyans used to think he was genuinely interested in transforming Kenya. I hope he writes a biography one day because I’d like to hear from him why he seems to have grown cold and disinterested in rightness. He defended Joho even when it was clear the guy fraudulently faked his degree

You cannot make two sacred pacts with the potential to clash then claim there is nothing wrong, a man cannot serve two masters otherwise atapasuka msamba. Pick one.

Tuendelee kukula

Orengo did his part during his prime years, his good days in the corridors of justice are behind him. He should retire, enjoy the remaining days with his grandkids. He should learn from Fred Ngumo

Is he defending Manduku?

Hawa ni watu wamepigania democracy ukiwa hujazaliwa, ama probably ukiwa in diapers. They are humans who get old. Hes not sick, ni miaka inampata. Atleast he is not dying his hair kama akina kalonzo

Something is disturbing him. His health seems unhealthy. He might be suffering in silence.

Unataka alie Kama Anyang Nyongo ama Chris Kirubi na hakuna mahali mtamusaidia, kazi yenu ni kupost tu pictures facebook na kusema get well soon? Most of these old geezers have health issues, and I respect them for keeping it within their family design ya the late Laboso.

Has been on hard drugs for some years. probably age is catching up with the drug abuse. si mgonjwa.

There is no conflict of interest. Soma katiba

This is a new one

The lawmakers do have a point on Uhuru double speak. They are asking him, “we represented you at ICC, we were part of your 2017 presidential election petition, sahii ndio unaona conflict of in interest?”

Ati he doesn’t do what?
You are not very observant.
In fact he must be the one who introduced hair dye to ‘baba’.

One he became a Minister, he lost track. The port land in Mombasa was sold during his tenure as Lands CS.
So that tells you he wasnt fighting the system in principle, but for material gains.

He also facilitated a Luo land grab of land in Embakasi. Ghaseer sana


Chokaa, Mihang’o, Obama hizo area zote

I feel sorry for all those poor people who’s property was stolen in those areas
Can you imagine what would happen if RAT became president??