Lawmaker: Giuliani sounds like a crazy, old uncle

These two guys, Guiliani and Drumpf, are afflicted with early onset dementia. They won’t/can’t admit it ofcourse but keep them in your “prayers.”

Just because he doesn’t agree with you, he is also crazy…

We are all mad, schizophrenics. And I guess you guys have all the solutions. You know all the answers to all the problems.

Hii ndio shida inasumbua middle class kirathi around the world. You’ll find them parked at Trump’s twitter account competing to post gifs and nonsense.

And the “idiot” you are insulting you will never get to where he is in life…

I learnt a new word today : SMEs.

get your papers right. ama urudi kenya roho safi tu.

And I guess we should all see “psychoanalysts” or maybe you actually meant psychiatrists instead.

But what do we know anyway, we crazy others?!

You need to be studied not treated. You can’t treat mud.

You meant mad?! As in you can’t treat madness??!

And this 24/7 obsession with Trump isn’t that madness? You are insane with the man. Daily, kila siku… Na hata hajui una exist.

Scientists are calling it Trump Anxiety Disorder (TAD)

Amused you are a TAD… I mean you have TAD… in your brain.

It’s 3 years now and you’ve written what… close to one thousand threads about one man. Sometimes 4 posts a day. Obsession… obsessive disorder. By 2024 you’ll be in a straitjacket!!

@2:00 minutes, the issue of Cohen credibility is raised, the same question we have been asking . He lied under oath the first time, how is he gonna be trusted this time round ?

Me in my view I still think Cohen is team Trump. Because he is a lawyer. A Jewish lawyer that Trump trusted a lot. Me I think he’s a mole sent to scout the Mueller ranks.

And if I was Mueller I would keep Cohen at arms length juu ata kuconfuse. Cohen as a lawyer knows just the amount he needs to say to stay out of trouble without saying it all. That’s if there was a conspiracy in the first place.

Or he can just waste your time with falsehoods hadi 2020 ifike. A very good campaign strategy. Keep democrats out of the news completely.

It’s like if you were investigating Moi do you really think you could flip Mutula Kilonzo?

You can harrass Mutula Kilonzo all day everyday including taking all the money he looted but do you really think you have truly flipped him??

Not unless you torture him.

Or in Raila’s case, can you flip Orengo or Paul Mwangi or Otiende Amollo?

I think elections are dirty. The Russians intended to interfere whether Trump was running or not. But their success is neither here nor there. At least through the email hack the world knew that Bernie Sanders was screwed. Did that turn away voters from Hillary to Trump? I doubt it.

There was enough time for them to forgive Hillary and elect her.

Is Trump Putin’s mole?

Impossible. Trump had ambitions to run for president as far back as the late 1980’s when Putin was still a lowly kgb agent in East Germany. Trump told Oprah many times that he would one day run. It was an open secret. The Clintons knew it decades ago.

Did Trump and Putin later on work together to win an election?

Well, this far we can’t see the results of their friendship. The payback. We don’t see Russian companies getting tenders. If anything Trump slapped a communist country with tariffs.

Where is Trump’s payback to Putin for services rendered?

Putin says he’ll build more nukes, Trump is building his army and more nukes… are those really friends? Ama they are acting?