Am quite sure most of us know a lawyer…probably through a friend or family ties.There is always this fuss that lawyers have money,big cars and wives and all sorts of luxury.
Truth is,most lawyers work in private companies which makes me wonder,just how do lawyers make money?
And is KSL a waste of time and resources?

The % that have money is some what similar to the one on the other population centile. It comes with connections and sher luck to be successful, I guess just like all other professionals. Well it goes down to passion.

Think most talkers will disagree.

Become a lawyer alafu ingia politics. If you are a sycophant the better.

the wives part,… i know:D

shida politics is a calling…just like watching football.Its either in your blood or not:rolleyes:

Lawyers kulingana na mimi ni ma hustlers…big time hustlers…they will convince you to do a job for you at a fee and most importantly
They try to make their work as complicated as possible ndio umpe hizo pesa zako by all means[/SIZE]

Lawyers are legal pickpockets success depends on how good you are at seeing opportunities

A good lawyer should have similar properties like a criminal, but shy of being criminal. He then will make good money.:wink:

I have come across some few lawyers…some if not most are honest if you ask the right questions.

This country current problems are courtesy of lawyers… they think they are learned and can do anything to get power to lead

i have friend lawyers who have been admitted at the bar but ni ma hustler mbaya. wengine wanafanya kazi kwa company za wahindi kama receptionists. Things are bad. Others ni walevi kuruka kwa keg dens. The only merit they have is that they are lawyers but completely nothing to show for it. Law is basically english and common sense

The constitution drafted by lawyers favoring them in most public appointment, the trick is having the right network.

I did upto year 2, I was still very religious then, I quit when our criminal procedure 201 one Mr.Awuor lecturer asked us to make an analysis of the oldest recorded case (Lucifer Vs God), I wrote in support of God almighty he gave me 2/10, On asking why he said the trial was a sham al, Lucifer was given a mistrial, he was never allowed to call his witnesses/ cross examine God witnesses and God was the judge and the complainant thus Lucifer should be released and reinstated to his former position nilikataa kata Kata hiyo maneno next day nilichukua clearance form na nikaanza kuijaza.

Swafi omwami!

Law is a dirty profession. It’s not good