Most of us won’t need an explanation to this in light of previous personal experiences. This refers to the idea that friends feel entitled to whatever favour you grant them, they are also easily aroused to envy, become spoiled and tyrannical.

Lets say you start your own unique business idea with a friend, the business booms. Now after learning all the operations and tricks of the business a friend will most likely feel entitled to more of the income than what you have assigned him. This will lead to quarrels and eventually he will start a parallel business to yours, it will be a direct competitor and if things don’t go well, might even put you out of business.

On the other hand bestowing a favour on an enemy has a much more different impact. An enemy will be grateful of the unprecedented favour and give it his all to prove his loyal. Notice the key differences here, a friend feels entitled while an enemy feels the need to prove his loyalty. Two natural behavioural outcomes. The Chinese emperor Sung used this law extensively, he would bestow favours on his enemies making them indebted to him. Even these that conspired to overthrow him. In return his enemies felt greatly indebted to him and would go out of their way to prove their loyalty.

Not all friends would betray you but it’s more likely for a friend to betray you in a situation than it is for a grateful enemy to do the same.


point in case, early this year i came up with a “business” idea that has been proved to work, i holla at my boys shared my ideas with them in the hopes of getting into a partnership, told them i need xxx amount of money to kickstart the income would be on a weekly basis…FF never got shit or even a single coin from my niggas all i got was blue ticks on whatsapp, in comes a “stranger” a little chit chat believed in my story now im potentially staring at my biggest cashout ever

one guy told me point blank “mimi sikupei doe lakini hio mradi yako ikiwork ukisha succeed, ntacome unishow vile inaenda, for now acha nikimbizane na muhindi”


Thanks. Since sioni nikisoma hiyo book. This is helpful

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Paragraphs tafadhali…
Your friends are your closest enemies…!!


Sorted Queen P :wink:

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Exclamations pelekea gynae

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako

Is it too late to jump on the bandwagon?


Pesa ni tricky kupeana for new business ata bank hawawezi kubali . Huo beste yako alikwambia poa

come to think of it, uko right ju pia mimi akiniomba ntamshow simpei ju pia banks hawapeani

My understanding of the law is that its good to work with people you don’t trust very much. Too much trust breeds a sense of entitlement and might result to back stabbing

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More like living on the edge, one hardly falls over.

I think the term enemy should be taken to actually mean Rival because if you can use your rivals to promote your interests you would be better for it. I think this is more true in business and politics where bitter rivals form cartels or political alliances. I think this is because rivals have the need to prove to each other that they are competent in their respective fields

hakuna beer-chara ya watu wawili,its like sharing a secret,one will rat out.kaa kwa lane yako wahenga walinena ,you came alone in this world,you leave alone .even twins don’t pop out together.

i think the term is parasitic in politics and symbiotic in business