Launching Already-Launched "Projects"!



Hii kitu huniuthi sana! Uhuru hufanya kama DSThieVes kapsaa! Repetitions za kiupussie mpaka anabore!

Heil hitler

Yangu macho

Vitu zingine anafaa kuachia his CS washine bana… He is literary launching every project ata zenye zinacost below 2B

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Cables on the ground indicate he will get a battering in the polls. These gimmicks might win him some late converts.

Stupidity has no cure.
In your brains it cannot be another batch of ambulances?

You mean these cables and ‘NIS polls’ being cooked in Orange house?

:D:D:D ujinga ni kipawa kweli. hata huwezi soma, kazi kuamini uthamaki to an extent you turn abusive even when you can just read and see for yourself.

So what if he relaunches the same things. After all by doing this he is lowering his value. Instead of all this hate you should be happy because Raila will get more votes because of this…hehe

and how is this hate?

Kama ni kipawa wewe ni namba moja.
Don’t those tweets by Saddique Shaban say that he launched them in March?
So, in your minds, it cannot be another 7 ambulances? If I remember, when Borris was in town, it was reported that that was the first group of ambulances to be purchased by the chickengate money.
Lakini nyinyi wananaswa, mmejaza matope kwa vichwa.

fuck’s sake, just read! i prmoise you, hautakufa ukisoma :D:D:D

For an explanation of @Kennedy Maina’s behavior, look no further than the psychological theory of cognitive dissonance. This theory holds that when people are presented with information that contradicts preexisting beliefs, they try to relieve the cognitive tension one way or another. They process and respond to information defensively, for instance: their belief challenged by fact, they ignore the latter. They also accept and seek out confirming information but ignore, discredit the source of, or argue against contrary information.