Laughter minute



He he he…

At least we haven’t reached a point our president fights with Kenyans on Twitter.
Whatever does Trump smoke? The fella sick.

He’s like a kid who’s got a new bike and instead of riding to the shops, he rides through the farm destroying sukuma wiki and cabbage screaming "nye nye nyee nye, I’ve got a new bike’. Wtf?

Yeye ni nugu tu

Kwanza his supreme court ruled that he can’t block trolls on twitter while he’s still president. Atashika adabu kwa hiyo account yake.

Something funny he isn’t the one composing those tweets.Someone else does ,all he does is approve what has been typed . Thought you should know that


hata zile za usiku wa manane akiwa kitandani?

Can’t be him . His fingers are too fat to type. More or else have you ever seen him holding a phone like BO? Nop. An ever tweeting person will be holding a phone constantly . It becomes part and parcel of their daily life

that makes him a conundrum…he tweets but doesn’t hold phone can’t type coz of fat fingers…

Washa niingie dick-shonary. That’s a new word. Si osungu.dll yangu iko juu these days ama?

Trump loves attention and is getting it whether good or bad.

He has a small penis.


But its slowly eating him in.

he runs his own personal account, alikataa ya POTUS.

can’t he tweet from a laptop or PC?

One time I saw him addressing some vets live kwa TV and immediately a controversial tweet stormed and i didn’t see him hold a laptop or phone. Then i realized I’m a silent genius to discover that

You don’t know that my Friend, just speculative thinking. Let’s wait for the next elections and see how much he has gained or lost.