Latifa Al Makhtoum

Bundles ni shida mwezi ikiwa kwa corner si ulete summary tafadhali.

Pole bro

This is princess Latifa Al Makhtoum, the daughter of Dubai’s big man Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
Below is a link to the story

She is selfish… Soiling her family’s name …which is treason

She deserves anything that befalls her

Muslim women are escaping Islamic countries because Islam and Sharia law is like a prison to women. They’re told they cannot date non Muslim men even when their men have given themselves freedom to date everything that wears a skirt.
The idea of freedom has entered Muslim women’s head and no amount of violence - Muslim man’s first choice of action - will take it away.
I hope Trump gives her asylum.


I don’t have a problem with that. But the Muslim women seem to have a problem with that. They usually slip out of their hijabs and abayas and become like all other women, flirting and fornicating with non Muslim men.

and you are best placed to judge them ?

In a forum of thousands of people, you have weighed your balls and deemed yourself the most enlightened about muslim women, and can yap bullocks

Maybe the other forum members are afraid of Muslims because I’m not. I write what I see with no exaggerations nor understatements. I know Muslim women and have dated a few.

Enzi za jam sessions walikuwa wanatoa buibui kwa choo akifika club halafu anaingia na peddle pusher kwa dance floor hapo F2 na Yorkhouse.

Kule kwa kina @Meria Mata malanye waarabu wanauza ikus kama wamevaa buibui pale casablanca

hao ni akina wairimu wacha ushamba

Wanajua wakivaa buibui watauza shimo ya kukojolea 3k …as opposed to 200, bei ya madem wenu

efidens ?

Ka huna efidens mwanaume msabasi jikunje saba ufirwe kama wanawake wenzako

Msenge lalisha hemorrhoids pumbaf.

Apparently Muslim women in dubai have no rights, going by that video, the poor girl has been imprisoned for 3 yrs for being “rebellious” this is a 33 year old woman for Gods sake:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Why don’t they just disown and let her be??:mad::mad::mad:

I have sampled their goodies u don’t light their cunt illuminates the house