Latest updates on the Jeff Mwathis case

I have been haunted by the photo of mama Jeff looking at her son’s grave and the photos of his face so swollen that he was unrecognizable.

I’m ashamed to be a Kenyan. Here is why. So an identified adult male is reported at Kasarani police station. DJ Fuckxo and his stooges report a missing male adult at the same police station. The DCIO coach DJ Fuckxo on how to write his statement and what account to give. DJ Fuckxo then mpesas the good officers who helped him cover his tracks.

Meanwhile the body is at City Mortuary with no pathologist. The family had their own who was also compromised and mpesa statements show that he received money from DJ Fuckxo. I know that I live in a corrupt country but damn. Everyone seems to be on sale in Kenya.

I don’t understand what has become of this country. Even pathologists are on sale. Mpesa them all. Why wasn’t he giving them cash ama it was a way of implicating them too so that they could not backstab him later?

Kenya is a very dangerous place to live. How an innocent seeming club hoping turned out to be a demonic thing like this. I still can’t understand. When I was this age there were no college bfs killing women. Now it’s upgraded to sodomy rape and murder of men too? I don’t understand the world I live in anymore.

I think we can now conclude that any man who is very nice to you, buys alot of shoes from you, calls you for a gig then takes you club hoping while buying you Hennessy, takes you to his house in the middle of the night is not up to any good. I’m still wondering if DJ Fatxo funded the lady Mutanus business with Geff so he could do the worst to this boy. This is just too many coincidences.

If thugs won’t kill you while you are out partying the people who you are partying with may be the ones to do it. You have to worry about thugs, Michele squads and now gey Lord Mugithi maestros? This our country needs Jesus and urgently. Just when you think you done heard it all, there’s always a lower lower and a more depraved depravity. Parents you have to talk to your kids mehn this is not the world we grew up in. Satan has descended and is among us. Kids are so innocent and trusting out here living among no good demons pretending to be business partners like Faith Mutanu and customers like DJ Fuckxo. Dah. Mola atunusuru. Deliver us from evil for the devil is looking for someone to devour. That was as innocent as they come. I am not a fan of African men but this case got me tripping especially when I see his poor mother and remember his voice note to his mum. This is Lucifer himself at work. Tomorrow more demonstrations will be held at DJ Fuckxos residence and Kasarani police station. I’m so sorry for the mom. Working in Qatar to come back to this kind of satanic shit. The woman is very prayerful no wonder this wasn’t going to die without a fight. That boy was so innocent you can’t help but be outraged. Let’s keep this in the news and online so that we can get Justice for Jeff. I still can’t believe this kind of thing can happen in my country. So painful to even imagine. May God send this family support from Zion.

As for Mutanu, how do you call to ask if your business partner is related to Samidoh bcz you know the kind of deed and cover up your friends did. So you don’t fear God but you fear Samidoh? Wewe mwanamke umelaniwa kuliko wanawake wengine. You have the gall to call his gf and ask after Jeff when you know very well what happened to him? I pity you and your descendants.

Mama Geff pole. Kenyans will show you so much love and support that you will find healing. Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal. God is sending so many human angels your way. Say to the righteous it shall be well. Your prayers for your son have reached God’s ear. Stand still and see the deliverance of the Lord. For what was intended for evil God intended for good to save many.

Sad state of affairs. I watched your other post about this dj enjoying gay life with his friends and I was really disgusted.
Am very worried for my teenage kids

Better safe than sorry. Tell them to be very careful people nowadays are not normal anymore. This geyism is too bad in Kenya. And they are forcing even those who are not interested. Even the exe wife is now exposing him.