Latest IPSOS poll: Raila 47%, Hassla 41% - sukoi express


Tukutane kwa debe

The bondoman always leading in opinion polls since 1997 but always fails in the final.

Ile shock inawangoja…Acha tu. Nimekuambia anza kutafuta kazi mapema juu unemployment is beckoning.


:D:D:D:D:D:D why you like dis ?
Lest we forget…

:D:DHurumia hayati @johnpombe

The danger is in believing that Mt. Kenya will:

  1. Turn up overwhelmingly as a bloc.
  2. Resolve to and resoundingly vote for Ruto as they did for their son.

I wouldn’t put my hopes that high. Raila was able to get many votes in Nakuru and Kiambu in the peak Uhuruto campaign seasons.
Now, with a divided basket and failure to have a candidate. Ruto ought to expect much less. Maybe he’s gained in other areas?
But, I wouldn’t be quick to dismiss the opinion polls.

It’s too late for these shenanigans Tupatane kwa debe Wadau



Sisi hustler nation tume wacha kuongea.
You’ll know on the 9th.

The pattern every time an opinion poll is posted on here and Raila is leading:
Ruto stans: Raila is always leading in polls and flops in the actual elections, LMAO. Polls are doctored and fake
Raila stans: Woohoo, this is further evidence that Azimio will win
The pattern every time a poll is posted on here and Ruto is leading:
Ruto stans: Woohoo, this is further evidence that UDA will win, Raila is going to Bondo and Uhuru to Ichaweri. FrEEdOm Is CoMing!
Raila stans: Fake, LMAO. Ground ni different
Goddamn recycled fuckery yet folk vote in just 7 days

WSR really needed UK to come out guns blazing calling RAO “kimundu” and all other epithets for him to secure the turn out he dreams of in Mt.Kenya. Sasa hiyo kura moja ya UK alitupa itamcost presidency akiangalia. Let this be a lesson to any future politician/statesman here: know when and whom to attack. Never outshine your superior.

Naah, he only needed such incompetency that drives up the cost of basic food item. Unga imerudi 200. Sijawai kuona incompetency kiasi hii ya mlevi1 na munya